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Harassment of honest police personnel by politicians

The Police Act of 1861 made by the English, when India was a British colony still guides the Indian Police system. This results in politicians twisting the arms of the police to act in their favor.

AIADMK secretary and convict Sasikala has been accused of bribing the Director General of Prisons (DGP) of Karnataka province on 12th July.

The Deputy Inspector of Prisons (DIG) Miss Roopa Moudgil mentioned in her report to the Home department;

“Sasikala has given Rs. 1 Crore bribe to DGP and another Rs. 1 Crore was distributed among officials, including warden of the Central Jail, where she is serving 4 year sentence in an illegal wealth case for allowing her special privileges”

Days after submitting her statement regarding this blatantly corrupt act, Roopa got transferred to the Traffic Department.

Karnataka province in India is governed by the Congress Party.

In another case, a woman police officer, Miss Shrestha Thakur posted at Syana circle in Bulandshahar district, U.P. province was transferred because of her altercation with local BJP members.

She fined a BJP politician for riding a motorcycle without any vehicle registration documents and number plate besides not wearing a helmet on 22nd June.

The amount of fine was Rs.200 instead of accepting his mistake and paying the fine, this politician made it a prestige issue. He called up his party workers to create a ruckus.

These ruffians initiated a needless argument with this Police Officer as to why their leader should be fined for a traffic violation.

Shrestha Thakur rightly stood her ground and told these hooligan political workers to get a written order from the Chief Minister of U.P specifying that BJP politicians should be exempted from Police checking.

She sent five BJP leaders to jail for creating obstacles and preventing a government official from performing her assigned duties.

The province of U.P is governed by BJP. The local BJP politicians approached the Chief Minister of the state. The result of the meeting was that this woman officer got her marching orders to another town.

She was transferred from her original posting to a remote location, Bahraich near the Nepal border.

BJP’s politicians are very happy at this decision. The party’s city president stated that Miss Thakur’s transfer was essential to maintain the pride of party workers and leaders.

University students in India spend years preparing for competitive exams to join Indian Police services. Candidates clearing these exams are considered as among the best brains in the country.

On getting inducted into this prestigious service, they cannot take independent decisions. Their professional success depends on appeasement of political masters at the provincial as well as at the national level.

A rare few among them like Roopa Moudgil and Shrestha Thakur, who take initiatives in bringing some semblance of order in the society quickly, become a ‘thorn in the flesh’ of a corrupt, incompetent, unprofessional political system of India.

Such officials are routinely shunted from one place to another through needless transfers. They are given low grades in annual performance reports by their superiors and denied promotions. The Political establishment makes life a living hell for such upright individuals.

This results in loss of morale, demotivation/depression and apathy in competent police officers.

The sad reality of India is that the politicians from the party in power keep talking big and make tall claims regarding the progress in the country. The opposition party politicians are yet to discover the meaning of constructive criticism.

The one aspect that unites all political parties of India is their blatant disregard for the laws of the land.

Breaking laws disdainfully is a matter of pride for Indian politicians. They consider themselves as ‘blue blooded royals’. Laws are meant for common masses not for these so called ‘peoples representatives’.

These politicians don’t pay toll charges on roads/highways. Threaten and misbehave with Police personnel. Expect V.I.P treatment everywhere in the land.

Politicians are a reflection of the community. This sort of society, where law makers take pride in breaking rules and get away by flouting their political connections; where law enforcers are unjustly punished and law breakers rejoice can never attain genuine growth.



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The writer is a Masters Degree holder in International Tourism & Leisure Studies from The Netherlands and is based in China.

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