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B’deshi onslaught: where is UN

The Assam Sanmilita Mahasangha demands UN intervention on the rights of indigenous people against the possible onslaught of the Bangladeshi immigrants.

In a recent memorandum to the United Nations Organization (UNO), the umbrella body of 40 organizations said the Centre should implement the UN guidelines and measures to safeguard the interest of the indigenous people of the state.

They further asked the UNO to send a delegation to Assam to get the actual picture of torture heaped on the indigenous people' in the name of the deportation of the Bangladeshi immigrants.

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PMGSY road in Dudhnoi

11 May 2011 - 4:19pm | editor

The state of implementation of PMGSY in Goalpara district is very poor, particularly in and around Dudhnoi. Earthen roads are seen in most of the cases, which become muddy even in a single rain. The photo shows a road constructed under PMGSY in 2010.

Violence followed by Gandhi march

31 Oct 2008 - 8:39pm | Daya Nath Singh

It was Thursday the 30th October 2008, when Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) was organizing a ‘Gandhi March’ from the party headquarters at Rajiv Bhawan to Mangaldoi, the headquarters of Darrang district. The march started at 9 a.m. and proceeded by road for propagating the message of ‘peace and non-violence’, which is central to Gandhian philosophy

The citizens’ life was normal till then and the people came out of their houses for their work places unaware of any untoward incident likely to happen without notice. The weather was pleasant and office goers were busy rushing for their work. It was a busy day for courts, schools and colleges, markets and business establishments. Children reached their schools in time and daily wage earners were busy in their work. Nobody could guess what was going to happen within next few minutes.

All of a sudden at 11.30 a.m. the news came from Dispur, the capital of the state that a bomb blast in the Ganeshguri vegetable market had taken several lives and within moments the news of serial bomb blasts came from different parts of the city. The District Commissioner’s office and the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s office faced another severe blast killing and injuring dozens of people. The busy markets of Fancy Bazaar and Pan Bazaar got immediate shocks, totaling six blasts reported from Guwahati city alone

Further, the reports of more bomb blats came from other parts of the state. Barpeta Road, Bongaigaon and Kokrajhar, the headquarters of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) had to face similar blasts. It was within fifteen to twenty minutes when 14 blasts took place killing more than sixty-seven innocent persons and injuring about four hundred. Unofficial reports reveal the number of killed in hundreds. The excited people angry over the security lapses indulged into violence and a number of vehicles were set ablaze in Guwahati. Immediately, the curfew was clamped in some areas and red alert sounded throughout the state.

The entire city wore deserted look due to immediate closure of the markets and establishments following the breakup of the violence. The security personnel were deployed at the vulnerable spots. The administration came up with assurances of providing security and safety to the life and property of the people, just like on all other occasions. The people’s anger was seen against the government due to this type of ‘false assurances’.

Security lapses continued despite people’s demand, as those responsible for duty were busy in pleasing their ‘Bosses’ and none had time to look after the problems faced by the common man. The state police responsible for security and safety of the people’s life and property simply suspected it the handy work of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) militants and after giving a statement on violence matters it feels its duty is over and the chapter is closed. No inquiry is done whether it was really the act of same organization or some other elements were involved having anti-national views. Several organizations through memoranda and other means tried to awake the administration, but their efforts were all in vain. Their grievances were treated as ‘politically motivated’ and no action was taken on them having serious thought. The people of hold the state government responsible for the let up in law and order situation in the state.

Police vehicle blues: some bumps

26 Apr 2013 - 11:43am | AT News

Vehicle allotment list

The Investigation Department of the Assam Police known as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has 16 cells dealing with different issues from cells dealing with crime against a person, crime against property, white collar crimes, arms, explosives, wild life, narcotics, drugs, extremists activities and several others. It is held as a credible agency that works to collate information to monitor criminal activities and guide investigating officers.

The present office at Ulubari is far spacious than the previous offices at  Ganeshguri, Lachitnagar, Ulubari (behind Bora Service) and Mathura Nagar enabling proper co-ordination and control on its activities. A casual visit to the office presents an opportunity to find a number of vehicles parked at different locations within the compound. Though they appear to be vehicles pressed for the department's service, they are actually off road and not in a condition to ply.

The CID has some 30 odd vehicles listed in its disposition as of November 7, 2012 among which some 7 different types of vehicles have been off road for long due to repairment or other reasons. Incidentally all the 7 vehicles appear in office records as vehicles attached to officials on duty- 2 Ambassador Cars, 2 Maruti Vans, 1 Jeep, 1 Dog Van and 1 Mini Bus.

Ambassador Car, Registration No. AS01A 6113 is attached with the SO, CID Assam; Maruti Car, Registration No. AS01B 7852 is attached with the MTO, CID;  Maruti Van (Omni), Registration No. AS01B 5071 is on Dog Squad Duty at 4 APBN; Jeep, Registration No. AS30 2090 attached with Shri K. Deka, APS, Dy. SP, CID; Mini Bus, Registration No. AS30 1859 attached with the headquarter presently. According to norms the MTO, CID is not issued a car. Dog Van, Registration No. AS30 1276 and Ambassador Car, Registration No. AS30 2796 are shown under repair. According to norms the MTO, CID is not entitled with any vehicle.

Contrary to transfer-posting rules the department has retained present MTO, CID, SI Golap Barua in different positions in the same branch for about 25 years. By rule an individual is offered 3 years posting at a place followed by tranfer-posting thereafter. On one count former SSP CID, N. F. Haque, IPS, instituted an internal enquiry during 2011-2012 into alleged anomalies by SI Golap Barua but before long Haque was transferred to take charge of 1 APBN at Najira as Commandant.

Portions of the Government's annual spend is being diverted to issue fuel against vehicles listed off the road. The possiblilty of senior officials  involved in the embezzlement cannot be ruled out. Else, how can such a matter go unnoticed in the office of an investigating agency itself, for more than three years to the count? There is certainly much more under the carpet than what really meets the eye. SI Golap Barua's monthly expenditure contradicts his salary slip in a great way, all of which goes in paying EMIs.