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Three Muslim rebels arrested

Three hardcore cadres of Muslim Tiger Force of Assam (MTFA)  were apprehended by security forces from Hudumakata area under Gossaigaon police station in Kokrajhar this evening.

Two pistols with ammunitions and I-cards were recovered from them.

The arresed rebels were identifed as Saidul Hussain (32), Nazrul Islam(34) and Akash Ali(32), all fromHudumkata.

The arrested rebels said that they joined the organization around 6 months back after coming in contact with senior member of the rebel group Mobinul Ali Hussain from Hudumkata. They said Mobinul Ali Hussain is stil roaming free and drives auto in Gossaigaon area. 

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Hantigiri Narzary's picture

Reporting from Kokrajhar

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Poisons flooding pharmacies

19 Jun 2014 - 10:42am | AT News

It is hard to believe. But true. Poisonous drugs are flooding the pharmacies across the state posing serious threat to the health sector.

Banned drugs are still for sale in the open market. Analgin is easily available in the pharmacies. Doctors do not prescribe the tablets. But consumers buy it as pain killer which can cause bone marrow depression.

Similarly consumption of cisapride to get rid of acidity and constipation can cause irregular heartbeat. Similarly, one who takes phenolphthalein for laxative runs the risk of cancer.

But strange are the ways of the health department. The heavily manned department has yet to step in. “Why the drugs inspectors are averse to conduct raid in the pharmacies. When will the prisoners of conscience awake?,” said a doctor who does not want his name to be disclosed.



Reason of ban

Rosiglitazone malegate

anti diabetic

heart failure


anti hyperlipidemic

fatal rhabdomyolysis


pain killer

bone marrow depression


acidity & constipation

irregular heartbeat



irregular heartbeat





pain killer

liver failure





anti-bacterial cream




nerve damage



damage to sight


People’s Manifesto to be prepared by Jagoran

27 Feb 2011 - 12:17pm | Ranjan K Baruah

There is no shadow of doubt that a vibrant democracy is always based on the people’s participation in true sense. Rampant corruption in recent times in national level or in Assam has bought bitter feelings amongst the people towards democracy. Some people would stay away by saying that politics is not good or there is no hope from our politicians who are more interested in their self interest instead of the interest of the masses. We have seen that politician or political parties’ promises a lot before election and most of the issues are not addressed properly by the political parties . Most of our citizens are not involved in active politics. Either we have to work for good governance and healthy society or we have to quite and stay away from all the issues which affect the society. There are people who keep themselves away from active politics or with the system but there are some people who have dream and confidence that a just society is possible if we work together. Jagoran, being a forum of conscious citizens’ believe that active participation of our citizens shall bring good governance and transparency in our state in particular and in the country in general.

Political parties prepare their manifesto before election in which many issues are not addressed from the perspectives of the common people and young people. Jagoran has taken an initiative to prepare a manifesto which is totally from the people perspectives and youth perspectives which shall bring the issues from ordinary people to most active people. People’s Manifesto shall include all the ideas and things which can be adopted by political parties for the welfare in the state of Assam. We have appealed people to give their comments through various mediums including social networking site like Facebook. People from different parts of the country and abroad who hails from Assam have contributed their inputs for the People’s Manifesto which will be released in the first week of March. People’s Manifesto shall be submitted to all the political parties who are going to contest election in Assam apart from independent candidates. To start the process Jagoran is oraganising a public discussion at Guwahati Press Club on 27th February,2011. Interested individuals are requested to attend the meeting stated a press release.

Jagoran, a forum of conscious citizens was formed on 10.10.10 with an aim to bring people together related to social awareness. The genesis of the organization is related to Facebook, a social networking site. The members meet on Sundays and on important days to discuss the social issues affecting the citizens. At present it has 380 members in the Facebook community out of which 30-40 are very active and take part in most of the events and activities organized by the forum.

Samujjal to quit AASU

23 Mar 2015 - 1:27pm | AT News

All Assam Students’ Union adviser Dr Samujjal Bhattacharyya is all set to quit politics. His exit would formally take place at the AASU convention in Dudhnoi on Tuesday.

After his ceremonial exit, the AASU adviser would not join politics and would stay away from any electoral politics.

The student leader was the AASU general secretary for three terms from 1989 to 1999. Later he was elected as advisor of the state’s powerful organization for two tenures.