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Summit stresses mass participation

Awareness building and leader’s roundtable discussion on approaches to the demand of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum (IPF) of N.C. Hills and challenges simultaneously, with a particular focus on Bifurcation of N.C. Hills district was held at Haflong on March 27.

The meeting was attended by 120 delegates from different IPF communities of the district. The meeting also discusses the indigenous rights and issues relating to the minorities concern of the district and how the growing interest of the IPF demand for bifurcation and total opposition of the proposed wild-life sanctuary would be set in motion and suitable mechanism to address ethnic minorities ’ aspirations against their struggle from the dominance of the majority.

The meeting also decries the poor state of affairs of the district and the indifferent attitude of the district administration in failing to provide the basic day-to-day necessities like water, health and sanitation. The meeting observed that the elected representatives seems to have forgotten the people mandate they have received and their empty promises in the election manifestos is being projected now in its true form. Their inefficiency and pathetic style of administration seems to have broken all form of records. The meeting deemed the district administration “fit for nothing”.

The meeting finally reiterates the need for fullswing programs and plans along with mass participation as well as the need to gain access to more regional, national and international mechanism for final justice against the shimmering discontent amongst the masses of the district.

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This is a sign of the growing hidden discontent amongst the general public on the North Cachar Hills district administration led by the incompetent Debojit Thaosen. When the people's representatives fails to address the needs and aspirations of the people itself then that representatives is nearing its downfall. Its noteworthy that during the last MAC election Mr. Debojit Thaosen was termed as "Deposit" Thaosen by opposition parties because of his unabated corruption a practices. Coming to the news, its a gross violation of human rights by the NC Hills district administration.Failure to provide basic human requirements by the state or administrators is a straight up violation and infringement of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights. Also, it is the sole responsibility of the state and administrator to safeguard the interest of the Indigenous populace. As per the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People the Indigenous People in safeguarding their culture and identity have the right to determine their own future and I support the standpoint of the IPF community in N C Hills. People of NC Hills should rise above Election politics and looks forward for the development of the society. Its time to say Enough is Enough, if the people in power cannot look after the welfare of the people let somebody else do it. And people should start opening their eyes, wake up and stop electing such incompetent peoples. For those public who are scared to voice their discontent I believe IPF is a good platform to come together and shout in unison.

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