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Darshan with Sri Swami Vishwananda in Guwahati

Sri Swami Vishwananda

Swami Vishwananda who travels all around the world to spread his message of inner love and happiness will be visiting Guwahati on November 20 to carry on his mission on this planet. In this visit Swami-ji would give a Darshan in which he would personally greet each and every person present there to call upon their own inner light and the divine love that lies dormant in everyone's heart. When this part of themself is touched by his blessings one is able to live much more happier and satisfied in one's own life. Students preparing for specific examination, corporates and business persons trying to make thier dreams alive - all would be very much benefited by being part of this special meeting with Swami-ji.

So what is this Darshan and where it will happen?

This Darshan will be taking place at the Lions Club Eye Hospital Auditorium, Opposite Goushala, Chatribari, Guwahati on November 20 from 4 pm onwards. There will a few kirtan and bhajan groups who would be performing different devotional chants while Swami-ji would be personally greeting each and every person present to give them his blessings and love. After receiving Swami-ji’s blessing, he recommends that the person sit quietly for a while, go within and meditate. The love that can be felt during Darshan is not something from the outside; it is one's very own love that one can feel. The aim is to bring us to the realisation that we all have the same love inside of us. That we can intensify that love, become one with it and share it with everyone around us. As part of Swamiji's blessing one will receive a small packet of vibhuti, which is sacred ash. It has the capacity to retain spiritual vibrations and has healing qualities, so it can be applied on the body or mixed with some water and drunk, or applied on the forehead before meditation. Vibhuti symbolizes purity and renunciation of desires. This is a free event being organised for the betterment of the humanity. At the end of the event, Prasad will be distributed and would be entertained with a Nagra Nam perforamance.

Who can visit and what one get out of it ?

This darshan is for everyone. From students of schools and colleges, corporates to busines personal, families to senior citizens - all are welcome to be part of this special event and have the oppurtunity to parsonally meet the great master of the modern times. This visit will help the students to handle thier study pressure better and the corporates and business personals to have a better understanding of thier business relations. Harmonic for the families and healing for the seniors

Who is Swami Vishawananda ?

Sri Swami Vishwananda is a spiritual master from the island of Mauritius. For some years he has been visiting numerous countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia to convey his message of universal Divine Love.

Sri Swami Vishwananda inspires people to open their hearts to the Love of God. He teaches to go beyond the boundaries of religions and to experience the all-connecting unity behind the conceptual differences. He encourages people to deepen the individual path to God and supports them in their personal beliefs and religious heritage. His teachings offer precious inspiration and practical methods, that help us to find Divinity and Divine joy in ourselves. Patiently he explains to us how we can improve the way we live and think.

The Love that he radiates touches people's hearts and inspires them to treat each other more lovingly. It is this Divine Love that we can find within ourselves. Early in 2006, Swami Vishwananda founded a spiritual order inside the Bhakti Marga family, which included both Hindu and Christian elements. The community embraced the teachings of Holy Scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible and other timeless teachings of various Sages and Saints. The main centre is Located in Germany in the beautiful surrounding of Bad schwalbach.

“God is in your heart now. The only thing that you have to do is to make the first step in His direction. You have to want Him with all your soul and all your heart”.- Sri Swami Vishwananda.

For event details, please call: +91-7896046197

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