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Cancer is curable with Dhaniram Baruah

Its genetic engineering that can cure cancer without any recurrence possibility. It was claimed by renowned heart specialist Dr Dhaniram Baruah whose yearlong research on cancer treatment has been proved fruitful.

The killer cancer is no longer incurable. Addressing a press conference in the city on Thursday, renowned heart specialist and applied human genetic engineer Dr Dhaniram Baruah said only genetic engineering is there to help the doctors cure cancer.

She is Sugam Konwar from Rajasthan. This 48-year-old lady has been suffering from myeloid dysplastic syndrome for the last four years. Her son Mahinder Sekhawat said his mother was rushed to several prominent hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. But only to be discharged. But she is gradually getting a recovering after being attended by Dr Baruah.

Mushraffuddin Ahmed from Dhubri has been suffering from bone cancer in his legs. He got his left leg dissected to get rid of this incurable disease. But recurrence came to upset him in his left leg. The nine-month treatment at the B Barooah Cancer Institute has failed to cure him. He had no option but to rush to Dr Dhaniram Baruah on 20th of November and after three days of treatment he is recovering gradually.

Several patents attended by Dr Baruah who participated in the press conference narrated their experiences before the reporters. Notably, if what Dr Baruah claims is proved to be true, it will be a great invention for several incurable diseases.

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Dinesh kumar Saraswat's picture

Dear Sir , i am a GIST patient , gist is in my abdoman today i have seen your site i am a AIIMS patient. plz help me how can i save my life i am a very poor patient , now i am working an NGO, consumer voice, it is a cheritable turust which is working for consumer protection and consumer rights. i am waiting your positive responce. Your's sincerly Dinesh Kumar Saraswat Consumer Voice Mob: 09818342070 Email:
Editor's picture

Dr Dhaniram Baruah's contact info: Email: Telephone nos.- 099540-35627, 099540-35687 Website:
r.c. dohare's picture

Dr-ji, I believe you as GOD. Your work to mankind is wonderful.One day you will be awarded NOBEL PRIZE . I request you please do something for kidney patient. 30% population is suffering from kidney problems. Only your work in area of genetic engineering for kidney recovery or developing new kidney for transplantation. Thank you sir. RC Dohare, Bhilai, India
Anil Bharali's picture

When and where Dr Dhaniram Baruah got qualified in genetic engineering?
jayom's picture

After fooling so many innocent patients with his ' pig-heart transplant' scam, this charlatan has once again managed to fool the gullible public, and even the media. Shame.
nibedita's picture

I have gone through so many articles about your experiment in genetic engineering in Assamese dailes, TV and as well as in Internet. My family members are suffering from white patch in their legs and prematured grey hairs. They are carrying these desease from their forefathers. What shall I do? Please help me.
Manish Pandey's picture

Dear All, Its my heartiest request to all of you who ever checked his website or even heared about this big cheater and all of his team. They are running a full proof racket. They are doing nothing just making money. I have no regret to say that I am the one of his victim. My father was a patient of Multiple Myloma a type of cancer, and here I am not writing anything false. He was in 3rd stage and we have no much hopes from Allopathy as we heard from some sources and without thinking much we just visited his place. We have send him all reports well in advance and he was confidantly committed he will be alright after getting his treatment, and he has taken 3 lacs from us out of which 1.5 lacs he has taken as cash and 1.5 lacs as cheque. When my father was just admitted, he has taken him for press conference to convey that he is treated him and he is now alright but it was totally wrong as days passed after taking his treatment his condition gone worse. All money he has taken in advance even if you want to go back he will never return your money even if patient dies in between he will not. He is a wonderful cheater but be very careful, for anything detail you can call me on my cell - 00971-505722097. Regards Manish Pandey
Kamaruz's picture

Dear Manish Pandey I am confuse some people says he is great and patients are really getting cured under his treatment.But your message confuse me i have not been to his clinic but may be your is a unsuccessful case because if he had to make money he could have do it as he was doing wonderful job aboard,even many media group claim him as the killer Dr.So could you please write more what you have seen in his clinic.
Lalit Mohan Pandey's picture

Hi friends I am the brother-in-law of Mr. Manish Pandey who has written about Dr. Dhaniram Baruah. I went to Dr. Baruah's clinic in Asam with my father in law. Let me Tell you the full story that has happened with us. Through some sources I come to know that Dr. Baruah is a person who is doing some type of research on genetics and he claims that he can cure cancer. I called him and he assured me that his injections contains some kind of molecules which can reapair the defected genes which are the basic cause of cancer. I sent him all the pathological and diagnostic reports and after seeing those reports he assured me that your father-in-law will be out of cancer within one month of starting his treatment. He asked us to come to Asam for that treatment. He told me that the total expense for his treatment will be 3 lakh rupees for six months. He asked me to bring 1.5 lakh in cash and rest as DD. At that moment, I told him that it is difficult for us to carry 1.5 lakh in cash while travelling, but he insisted that he will not give even a single injection before receiving the full payment. Anyhow we arranged the money and reached Asam (Dr. Baruah's clinic). He had no facilities in his so called hospital. It was more like a "ashok vatika." There was no trained staff like nurses, ward boys, etc. The villagers used to give injections and put drips, etc. The very next day, he stopped all the medicines prescribed by the AIIMS physicians and started his molecular injection with some other medications (pain killers, antibiotics, etc.). My father-in-law's condition detiriorated as the time passed. After about 15-20 days he lost the sensation of his body below his waist. We asked Dr. Baruah to call some orthopedic physician from Asam to see what is going on. He did so, but did not allow us to start the medicines prescribed by that orthoopedic doctor, finally my father-in-law was bedridden. In the meanwhile, Dr. Baruah kept on saying that he is out of cancer and will be all right. In the meanwhile, one of my cousin sister, who is a gynecologist, went to Dr. Baruah's hospital to see what is going on. She told us that situation is out of control and Dr. Baruah was not able to even stop the disease from where it was (he kept on saying that he is out of cancer). He did not even bothered to take the diagnostic or pathologic tests. At last we brought our father-in-law back to Delhi. Dr. Baruah was still advising us to take him to Calcutta where a friend of his can do back surgery. When the doctors did scanning in Delhi they told us that the disease has progressed (even at that moment, on phone, he told me that your father-in-law is out of cancer). Finally, he died. We spent around 5-6 lakh rupees in total including air fare and treatment expense. I asked Dr. Baruah that he had told us that he will be charging 3 lakh rupees for 6 months' treatment and our patient died in just one month, so he should deduct the expenses incurred in one month and return rest of the money, but to no avail. At last he even stopped talking to us. I know that no doctor on this earth can take the position of god, but beware of such touts who are ready to eat your flesh. A few things which made me feel that he is cheater: 1. He demanded full money in advance before starting treatment. 2. He did not let us talk to other patients who were in the hospital. 3. After knowing that my father-in-law is not going to improve, he till the end advised us to go for a back surgery in Calcutta. 4. He did not even bother to do any testing or scanning before claiming that the patient is out of cancer. 5. He refused to start the medicines advised by the orthopedic doctor. After coming to Delhi, we came to know that if those medicines were given to him within 24 hours of paralysis, there were 95% chances that he would have cured of paralysis. 6. Finally when we asked him to return the money after deducting the expenses incurred, he stopped picking up our phones and did not talk to us. 7. At last all the patients whom we were in contact (three of them) died of their diseases, proving that Dr. Baruah was unable to do anything for anyone. So, it is my advice to all of you that stick to what the allopathy doctors have advised you. Beware of such cheaters. You can talk to me anytime regarding this. My name is Lalit Mohan Pandey and my mobile number is 9899470437.
Samuel Konger's picture

We would like to hear from Dr. Dhani Ram Baruah's Side. Please Clarify...As many people believe you and many make propaganda.
Lalit Mohan Pandey's picture

He is an eccentric kind of person who feels that he can play with people's emotions and money to fulfill his own eccentric desires.  Poor people are waisting their hard earned money expecting he will do some miracle.  He gets all the no-responsibility kind of forms signed upfront by people so that nobody can go to court against him.  His forms clearly state that his treatment is not a conventional treatment and no guarantees are given. Even I can treat people if I do not have to give any gaurantee about the treatment results or about the authenticity of the Nobody can change your destiny.  The best treatment is what is tested and proven by the authorities. Lenient laws in India give boost to such false practices.  
Kanuj's picture

Many people have written and reported that this so called doctor is a cheater. I did talk to him once and it was very strange. He refused to answer anything...said he didn't believe in conventional diagnostics and standards. This is 2016, and we live in the era of evidence based treatment that is peer reviewed. I think this guy is just preying on the insecurities of the hopeless. Ya. And he also refused to give any contacts of his 'treated' fact he started shouting when I asked him :) His website throws around words like miracle cure etc....well, common sense tells me....when it's too good to be true, it usually is.
Manish's picture

This is shocking.when i read abt cure of hiv i wanted to get one of my cousins there for treatment... need more authentic update plz


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