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Escalation of man-nature conflict

Straying of leopards in the crowded streets of Guwahati have become a far too often affair. The man-animal conflict is taking a toll, thus ringing a knell. There was a time when the most ardent adventurers had a hard time spotting these big cats, even in their most natural habitat. The ever-growing demand and more particularly the tendency of the human to plunder on anything to quench the unquenchable greed leads to the invasion into green pastures, the wild. In the process, the poor creatures - the ones that walk on the four feet and the ones that crawl are victimized. Their tranquillity is invaded. Elephant herds in large numbers have since long been invading villages in various areas of Assam in a spree to find food and there by causing damages to life and property. Birds too are diminishing in number; either migrating or perishing slowly.

A recent research states that the modern frequency communication network causes adversity to birds. Not to forget the fishes who are being killed in masses, only to be served as our delicacy. Perhaps this time, the leopards, secretary to the ‘king of jungles’ were just searching the High court to file a public interest litigation! May be they were out on a protest into the Guwahati streets to save their home and save our grace. Due to running out of hunting ground or rather preys, probably they are just out on the streets of the capital endangering lives, their own and the civilized ones too.

We have coldly witnessed these man-animal conflicts over the years, just counting the victims-both man and animal, without any outrage of emotions. Illegal deforestation has still being happening at an alarming rate and we are being the mute spectators. Sometimes I wonder if we have lost our voice, or ignored the grunts, or missed the outrage demonstrated the animals by flocking into the human domain.

Across the globe people have joined hands to “go green, save earth” motto, we seemed to have turned a deaf ear to these. We are rather on a spree to destroy our rich forests, our wild animals and their habitat, may be just to fatten our pockets. In process we are also endangering our own existence in the long run. People, the residents of Guwahati are petrified by the recent visits of the leopards. Already there are no less reasons of worry for the people here – floods, rising summer heat, traffic, scarcity of water and electricity. Sadly, no one else is to blame for all these plights but us. These all are the result of the man-wild or more wholesomely man-nature conflict. This time we simply cannot afford to remain deaf to the ringing knell. The need of the hour is to our voice for a more sustainable and Pareto efficient way. It is high time we realize and rectify our deeds to make the world a better place to live for all existing beings.

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