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A conspiracy against the generation

Recently, a renowned Assamese private TV channel comes up with a special report on cyber crime on their prime time slot against social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The main objective of the report was to make the people aware of the evil aspects and misuse of such networking sites and to warn Assamese parents to monitor their children’s activities on such sites. The basis of the report was a mischief which was done intentionally or unintentionally by some person creating a fake profile of a renowned personality related to music and posting some of his intimate pictures with an upcoming Assamese movie actress. There is nothing wrong in discouraging and condemning such activities but the way the campaign was being run by the channel pops up lot of doubt and question in the minds of rational thinkers. While creating a fake profile in social networking sites has nothing to do with cyber security, and anyone with minimum domain knowledge and technical skills can do it.

Now a days, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter become hang out zone of our new generations and more and more gen-X are joining such sites every day. Also, these sites are gaining popularity as a political platform where people can discuss politics and interact directly with their youth leaders and even state level to cabinet level ministers leave apart the celebrity following part. The young generations are vocal and leave no stone unturned to criticize a wrong government policy and statement. Such sites are giving them a platform to raise their voice and make everybody hear them.

The recent political drama between a health minister of Assam and a social activist gained much momentum on such sites and people come out openly in support of the David in his battle against the herculean Goliath. Now the sinister agenda behind such report is to take advantage of the simplicity of our Assamese people and create a phobia towards such medium where people can express their anger against the government and criticize their policies. The gaining popularity of such sites among the Assamese youth makes some people nervous as its creating a mass level public awareness which could damage the vote bank politics of some political parties. So, they took the shortest route to reach that generation through their parents by trying to make them feel insecure when their sons/daughters sign in to such social networking sites. It’s our responsibity to make people aware of such propaganda and at the same time the young generations must take the initiative to convince their parents about the proper aspects of such agenda and together we can make a difference.

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Nice one...... expecting more from you......
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Good views! I endorse them fully.

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