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Where we are heading with high costs of living

The on-going rise in almost all the commodities price by each passing days leading to wonder is really there is crisis on food front or everything is being manipulated to raise the so-called living standard of common citizens in the name of opening our markets for global business-houses! The rate of average vegetables, pulses and rice is fluctuatuing around Rs 20, 90 and 25 per Kgs and it seems that everybody is buying it without any tear in their eyes. So, whether our living standard has rised to such high label where we seldom bothers about market price and continue our consumption against all the odds or it is some kind of manipulation being created by market dominating forces is to be watched seriously.

Even the daily wage earners is not seems to be worried as Roti-Dal is no more being associated with "Aam-Admi" only and onion is happily welcomed by everyone despite bringing tears while cutiing it and burden on our daily earnings!

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