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Terror strikes: a lesson to learn

Enough is enough; terrorists have killed more than a thousand people since the UPA government came to power in 2004. Despite repeated terror strikes in almost all the major cities of the country, the government does have an answer to deal with terrorists. The innocent lives lost and those who are injured due to terror strikes don’t have any meaning to our politicians. Every terror strike has become an opportunity for our political netas to engage in a blame-game rather than solving the problem of terrorism. In fact, it has already become the game of the politicians where they can score maximum votes. Where the government of India has gone? Is it because the government has spent more time giving lip services? Or is it because the government has to balance its vote bank politics with terrorists? Sure, at this point of time, the people all over the country are not at all interested to know who is sacked from the Cabinet minister or who has become the new home minister. The country needs to hear what actual steps have been taken to tackle the terrorism. The political netas should apologize for failing to protect the lives of the common people. The country needs safety and security, not corrupt and inefficient government. In the Bible it is written, “When the David’s soldier saw Goliath, they all said, he is too big we can kill him. But David said, he is so big I can’t miss him”.
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