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Suggestions to Assam Accord high level committee

Dr Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti, Associate Professor of Economics in A. D. P. College, Nagaon, Assam, has contributed few important suggestion to Assam Accord high level committee regarding safeguards for the indigenous people of Assam. .

Dr Borkakoti appeared before the high level committee on clause 6 of Assam Accord at Tezpur on November 28 at the invitation of Government of Assam.

The high level committee is chaired by Justice (Retd) B. K. Sharma.

  1. Inner line should be introduced in Assam with maximum limit of 30 day stay; people from rest of India coming to work here be given 5 year work permit at a time.
  2. Acquisition right of land should be restricted to indigenous people only. Other citizens can take land on lease, maximum 30 years.
  3. 80% Seats in assembly and parliament be reserved for indigenous people, 20 % will be available to other citizens.
  4. High rise structure near heritage spots / monuments be banned and such heritage places be made free of encroachment.
  5. The refugees, who are given Indian citizenship by the government, should not be given land right or government job in Assam.
  6. Bank loans should be available to indigenous people only. Other Indian citizens can get loans only if they have stayed for 20 years in Assam.
  7. Anthropology department of a university in Assam should be entrusted with the task of identifying the different ethnic groups/castes etc of indigenous people, who should be given access to government facilities even if documents are not available. (It has been observed that many indigenous people are lacking in documents even though they have been living in Assam since long before independence.)
  8. A cultural research centre should be set up with sufficient teeth and attached to a university. It will document the records of the indigenous people and undertake activities to promote/preserve their culture and heritage.
  9. A cultural complex be set up in New Delhi by Govt of Assam with land allotted by Delhi government, where a Namghar also should be set up.
  10. Sankaradeva festivals be organised in different metros of India to promote Assamese culture.
  11. CBSE should include content about Sankaradeva, Ahom dynasty, Bihu etc in textbooks of all classes.
  12. History and Geography should be part of school curriculum.
  13. All residents within the geographical boundary of Assam at the time of independence and their descendants be considered as indigenous people.
  14. Even if non-indigenous people, who are Indian citizens, have acquired land after independence, they will continue to own the land and/or inherit those from forefathers, but not be able to purchase from others.
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