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The blasts that steal the sleep

'We are innocent, we don't know anything, we went out of home to earn our bread and butter, why we have to suffer?'- certainly, every common man might be thinking today in Assam. The security of our life has gone. Once we step out of home saying a bye for a day to our parents, it might be a goodbye forever. Same was seen in the city at 11:30 am on 0ctober 30 in Guwahati where hundreds of limbs and torso went off in the air all of a sudden with the worst ever blast in the Northeast. The bodies of those limbs, are obviously of those who are not even bother about the political turmoil in the country, not even bother about how many terrorist organizations are operating in India but at last the innocents become victim. They just came out to earn their daily livelihood and they are being targeted.

It is not the first time where innocent are being targeted in the country, its happening at a continuous pace, even in Assam last June in Nowgong saw a blast. I don't understand as civilization is progressing the barbarism in every sense is increasing.

assam is caught in a myriads o problem. Flood all around, unemployment, ethnic clashes last month, immigrants and now no security of lives – what should we do ? Nobodyhas an have the answer. Perhaps we might have to ask our Institutions who ought to safeguard our interest, our lives. Every single lives are at stake today. There is always hue and cry in the National media after every blast. An anchor with a loud voice with many distinguished panels from different political parties will come and join the debate and everyone will conclude for a stringent anti terror law and reforming of police laws,but finally only the blast continues to rock on.

It was around 12:15 pm, i was about to go for lunch from my office in Hyderabad, suddenly my colleague saw an alert in Reuters and told me about the blast. I picked up mobile trying to contact my people and the network is jammed. Obviously, everybody might be worrying about their own people. One can understand the intensity of the blast when someone of his own disappears in the smoke created by the blast. I got a safe signal from my people and friends there in Guwahati. They are alright but the shock of the situation numbed them. ' I am fine, its hell over here in Guwahati, the floor of GMCH is completely smeared with blood, its really terrifying' -one of my friend from Guwahati.

And what next ? Every political parties will blame each other ,every body will say this organization has done it, someone might say its the work of ULFA, some may say Bangladeshi militants and what not. Whoever might be, the innocent lives won't be back. Someone's son, daughter, father, mother won't be back home today . They are just evaporated with the heat of the bomb. Many debates are on now for the security of the civilians, even Home minister of India is even targeted as worthless who dresses well and has no responsibilities in tackling the ongoing terror. Whatever may be India is suffering from a proper security forces. Even though somebody like Minister of State for Home Shakeel Ahmed said there was no intelligence failure, we can the feel the security lapse in every nook and corner of the country.

Its a Black Thursday for Assam and I hope people of Assam in their full spirit will come out with an appeal to support a security for a basic object called Life. I don't know somebody might make a movie out of my title as Anurag Kashyap made a 'Black Friday' but nevertheless the pain and agony we saw today can't be healed through any balms.

Just a simple question before I conclude- If death is a work of art, then how can it be so cheap, are our lives so cheap?”

(I pray to the Almighty for the innocent lives who are victimized today)

By Alankar Kaushik

Alankar Kaushik,Works in Naandi Foundation,Hyderabad (NGO working in Child rights, safe Drinking Water and Livelihoods)

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The serial blasts in Assam is the extreme result of Vote Bank politics of greedy politicians of Assam. They will start politics on this issue and certainly benefit from it, but who will save common man's life?

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