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Indigenous tribes victims of Bangladeshi immigrants

Who can save the indigenous people in Assam? I wonder. Can the government of Assam, ever hear the cry of the indigenous people in Assam?

‘More than a lakh people in relief camps, more than 600 houses burnt to ashes, more than 60 live lost – is no wonder, but the smoke and flame is on. Who is responsible for such tragedy?

Every passing year, the demographic landscape is turning into the hands of the illegal Banglashi settlers. Piece by piece they are pouring into the land of the local people. Why it so? Is the state government so caring to the unwanted guests?

No wonder, reality is yet to come and we are all there to experience it. The illegal settlers will become the real kingmaker in the next couple of years in Assam. Even then, the successive government with its backdoor-politics has failed to accept the reality. But the people of Assam continue to suffer.

By turning a blind-eye to the situation, the government is adding more agony to the peace-loving indigenous people whose very survivable is under threat today.

To live with Bangladeshi is ‘no-good business’.
The ongoing clash in Udalguri and Darrrang districts is a clear indication of the ground reality that the immigrants will continue to ignite fuel to the local people in order to occupy their land.

The clash in Udalguri and Darrang district is not between Bodos and illegal Muslim settlers. It’s between the indigenous tribes and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Though, the Bodos are the main sufferer in the clash, other communities like Rabbhas, Garos, Addibasis, Nepali, Assameses are equally being threatened in their own motherland. The government denied to acknowledge the truth.

Today, they are on the verge of being extinct due to increased pressure from the illegal immigrants. Dubri district in Assam is no exception to this where the local people have already become minority.

The hour has come to give safety and security to the people of Assam against illegal immigrants. By imposing indefinite curfew in the region will solve the problem. Unless and until the massive migration of Bangladeshis in Assam is stopped for ever, the indigenous people in Assam will continue to be the victim of Bangladeshi immigrants.

The state government cannot turn a blind eye to the indigenous people. To give safety and security to the people is the responsibility of the state government. The Congress led government in the state is making a mockery of the people of Assam by calling the illegal immigrants as ‘citizens of India’.

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