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Why non Garo teachers in Garo schools?

The recruitment of non Garo people in a section of Garo schools in Goalpara district brews anger and protest among the local tribal student organization.

In a strongly worded statement issued to Assam Times All A.Chik Youth Federation’s Assam zone general secretary Crossbell Marak said,” the candidates who cannot even speak a Garo language have been appointed and sent to the Garo school. We have been fed up with this kind of treatment which we had receiving during congress government last 15 years, how shall we believed in BJP Government also, Assam Government has been trying to dominated Garo medium schools. We hate this kind of illegal appointment of the Assam Government. Before get India freedom we are living at Assam state and we are the Indigenous Garo peoples. We are strongly condemned against the Assam Government to neglect the Garo Tribes. Before election they said we will change the Assam but we are not get a change of socio as same as congress government, so we hate like this dirty policy. We are giving a time for one week to revoked the appointed teachers and appoint fresh Garo teachers for garo medium school.”

He said the organization will never allow even a non-Garo teacher to join the post and that if the government refuses to listen to them they won’t remain silent.

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