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A journey headed for Tawang

After waiting for long 365 days since previous pilgrimage ,the pilgrims all over India again set out for holy Tawang to join the Tibetans vow for a free Tibet from the clutches of greedy China. It is a historic pilgrimage that begins from 19th November every year. The pilgrims came from all over India. All of them have strong and common determination to bring back Tibetan peoples freedom as well as to secure India’s border. This pilgrimage has been organised every year by 'Bharat – Tibet Sahayog Manch' since 2012.established in 2011 when Tawang was demanded illegally by China as their territories, Bharat – Tibet Sahoyog Manch organizes this Tirtha Yatra to express its support for Tibet’s peaceful freedom movement along with the protest against China’s improper demand over India’s territory. I too got an opportunity to visit Tawang accompanying Patriotic Indian’s coming from long distances for such a holy mission. Ghanashyam Ladia the owner of Bhagawati Prasad Foundation is the chief organizer of North-east region has done all his best for the success of the mission. Describing the importance of Tawang tour , lndia said that India’s North-East region is on danger zone. If India is attacked by China, there is no doubt that initially north-east region is to be sacrificed. So, he has called upon the Northeastern people to be active in Tibetan movement.

On the 19th November before our departure for Tawang a seminar was held in ‘Kalyan Bhawan’ Guwahati where Kanaksen Deka –ex president of "Assam Sahitya Sabha" .Indresh kumarji- the portion of ‘Bharat-Tibet Sahayog Manch’ and others were the guests of honour , Kanaksen Deka said that Tibet–Chaina issue includes India too. So, he has requested all Indians to join Tibetans movements. Indresh ji has expressed his feelings with the words of ‘Nepolion’ that Chaina will be the greatest problem all over the world. India have to fight for thousands of years. "Panchasheel agreement" was held between Chaina and India. But between these years, in 1950 Chaina invaded Tibet and proceeded to India. At that time, Tibetan population was 60 lakhs and Chaina killed 12lacks including children among them and imprisoned a great number of Tibetans. In 1962 during Chaina’s invation prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru sacrificed Assam for Chaina saying-“My heart goes with Assam”. However on 19th November we started for Tawang from Guwahati. We reached a beautiful village of Arunachal Pradesh called "Rupa". A seminar was arranged in the govt. H.s school auditorium, where the students received us with "khata"[the holy Tibetan scarf]. Jyotiprasad Rajkhowa , the honourable Governor of Arunachal Pradesh was the chief guest , Shree Indresh Kumar ji was the main speaker, ex. M.P of loksabha and ex minister of Arunachal Pradesh-Dhri R.K. Khrime was the guest of honour. During the seminar Indresh kumar ji emotionally expressed the meaning of Arunachal like this-‘ Arun means the sun and Anchal means the region where the sun flashes its light. This is our region, we can’t sacrifice this region for the Chinese for Cigness. We should unitedly protect our region otherwise, the time will not be far away that India has to face the dominance of China-India has the power to guide the world where as China’s power is only destruction.” They are not helpful at all to develop the world. Governor Rajkhowa commented that China has captured India’s market and hampering India’s economic side worstly.

On 21st November , we visited “Jasawantgarh”. In 1962 Jasawant singh, a legend of Indian army fought against Chaina with sixty soldiers very bravely two sisters named ‘Sela’ and ‘Noora’ supplied food for Jasawant Singh. They are all killed China by Chinese army. A memorial statue of Jasawant Singh has been build in that place to keep his memory-immortal . That region is named as "Sela pass" and a waterfall as "Noora" After their names as soon as we stopped in "Tawang", "Lames" received us with "khata". There, another meeting was held where Chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Nawam Tuki, central Tibetan administration-‘Yangdrupji’ and ‘Rekgge Lhavoe Repoche’- the follower of Dalai lama were present and they delivered their valuable speeches.

On 22nd November, we approached to India-Tibet border at ‘Boomla –pass’. Rupam Barua-a senior Journaist has expressed his emotion for Tibetans several times through his writings. He says- ‘The truth is that China is India’s legal neighbor. Just 60 years before it was India-Tibet border. China has become India’s neighbour illegally by driving out innocent and peace loving Tibetans’. So we should call it India-Tibet border instead of India-Chaina border. A great number of Tibetans are scattered all over India and living as refugees while they actually belong to the highest country of the world-roof of the world. The mountaineers who have been able to observe Tibetan valley from other Himalayan peaks have named it “Golden valley”. We were watching Tibet from Boomla-pass and overwhelmed by its snow covered mountains , streams and waterfalls. The sun flashed its orange colour on snow white peaks at the time of setting before the China’s occupation over Tibet , peaceful Tibetans played with this tremendous waterfalls and under the shades of pine trees. But they are now forced to be deprived from all these natural beauties. If some one losses his or her mother, the pain wood over come after some days or years, but motherland loser’s pain would increase day after day , year after year instead of curing.

China has smashed the beauty of Tibet destroying its natural environment by huge machinaries. They have injured and hurt the Tibetan humanity and emotion. So I think China should not be recognized as a civilized nation because, a civilized nation will never attack other’s civilization. In Tawang valley we mostly met the “Monpa people” who are a branch of great Tibetan nation. Monpas are ever smiling in spite of their hard and struggling lives. Once APJ Abdul Kalam, the former President of India questioned about their secret of ever smiling. The Tibetan answered, 'We smile because of our culture and religion'.

As we reached Arunachal ,Himalayan beauty manifested. High peaked mountains are standing silently both sides of the road ,as they are saying ,"Don’t Dsturb Us". There are uncountable streams flowing with melodious tune and vast waterfalls through the journey. ‘Dzong’ we saw a very strong and magnificent waterfall named’ Norong ’. In a number of army camps we were received with tea and lunch . We reached Boomla border at 16000 ft. Height. In that place all mountains and lakes are covered by snow. Army personnel are guarding the boarders with great difficulties as the region is so cold and the supply of electricity is so limited. They have accepted their livelihood to save the country. We offered our hearty thanks to them for securing us this way. A cultural programme was organised by Tibetans for our honour. Students of Manjushree "God of knowledge" and education performed varius colourful dances. Among them there was a “Yalk” dance, which was excellent . They respect yalks by their heart bacause yalks give them milk and, Chaina's cruel invasion and oppressions could not destroy Tibetans culture and their hopes to get back their motherland.

Not only Arunachal Pradesh is demanded by Chaina. Chinese are in a mood to capture Indian regions upto kanyakumari. Their six Chinese misile stations are standing n border which may burst through India and Srilanka. If they attack Aarunachal the north east region will be attacked then and there. But accept Arunachal, other North-Eastern regions are not aware of such a danger. Each n every citizen of India should realize the depth of coming danger. The time is not far that we will have to follow Gandhiji’s non-violence- “Satyagraha” once again. This is important that “UNO” should take initiative in this serius matter. In words of “ Bhupen Hazarika dev”-“Tumi Biswar Swarirat Pongu Anga Hole Biswai Janu Val Pabo?"

“Will world be happy having and abnormal part of its body?” “Jayatu Bharat Matri”.


 by Kuntala Barua Chakraborty

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