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Killings dominate UN meet

Human rights activists from the north eastern region have sought UN intervention into the allegations of fake encounters by the security forces with the help of the Arms Forces Special Powers Act.

The Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights in Manipur and UN (CSCHR) tabled a summary of the follow-up report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, arbitrary executions in the state at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva on Friday.

On his official visit in 2012, the SR had reported extrajudicial killings by security officers, the State Police, Armed Forces and armed groups. 

He also reported killings related to communal violence and practice affecting women rights to life as a serious problem in some areas of the country. 

His noted emerged a number of challenges of the accountability process leading to impunity in many instances. He further questioned the draconian AFSPA 1958 and apprised the UN  of the powers granted under it.

The widespread deployment of armed forces is said to have created a situation in which the exception becomes the rule. Here the use of lethal force is seen as the primary response to conflict. 

He said that the repeal of the Act will bring domestic law more in line with international standards.

He further made a number of recommendations regarding the need to reform laws, and policies to ensure the accountability of State actors for violations of the right to life, including the repeal of AFSPA.

The Supreme Court appointed a panel on 4 January in 2013 to inquire into six alleged cases of extrajudicial executions in Manipur

The panel addressed the larger question on the role of the police and the security forces in Manipur

However, much remains to be done to address and prevent extrajudicial killings and to ensure accountability. The result is that vulnerable persons, including women, marginalized communities, human rights defenders, victims and witnesses, continue to remain at risk of violence, often resulting in death.

According to the report, no independent and accountable mechanism to monitor the registration of FIRs exists. 


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