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Leap-frog in rhino population

Despite being by rhino poaching Kaziranga is shining with increasing population of the one horn rhino. This has further encouraged the Centre to set up a seperate rhino protection force in near future. 

According to Union forest minister Prakash Javadekar who is visiting the national park the rhino population has gone up to 2889.

The Union minister told reporters that the Centre has devised a mechanism to efficiently deal with the rhino poachers. 

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There are sustainable ways to use elephants,rhinos,and other large mammals to make money without killing them and/or destroying their habitat.GOOGLE this title for a solution being used by some people for the Asian Elephant and Indian Rhino:                                                          How to save rhinos? By turning their dung into paper.   A possible solution I figured out is:  The Real Large Mammal Medicine And Food-Cash Cows  It is not elephant tusks or rhino horn that have medicinal properties or miracle cures.However,there may actually be a real medicine as well as food source from rhinos and elephants and many other large herbivorous mammals in Africa like hippos,eland,cape buffalo,manatees and dugons-without killing them or destroying their habitat!  It is their milk! One example of PROVEN MEDICINAL QUALITIES IN WILD MAMMAL MILK was shown in “Durrell In Russia”about people in Russia raising eland for the milk and saying it was good for fighting diseases(I think the examples of diseases were yellow fever and tuberculoses).Therefore the milk from all mammals that are large enough to produce large amounts of milk should be milked for investigation of medicinal qualities like possible malaria immunity and help fight other tropical diseases that the animals in those areas are exposed to and are deadly to people.Of course the milk would probably be great for food products too and help make those animals benefit from high demand.  Large herbivorous mammals in Asia could also benefit from high demand too by milking them for use for food products and medicinal properties.Some examples of food products made from and/or using milk are cheese,chocolate,cream,ice cream,yogert,mayonaise,butter etc.The animals could be captured as mother and it’s young,milk the mother,then release them after milking.That should only be done with mothers that have young that are already eating solid food to avoid the young from not getting enough milk.That would not only make the animals “Cash Cows”without killing them,but also greatly encourage people to breed whatever animals they would be milking for the probable high price of wildlife milk to replace the high price of rhino horn and elephant tusk.Of course the milk used for food products should be tested for toxic plant residue since some animals may eat plants that are toxic to people.Like venom from mulluscs,snakes and lizards etc.,some plants that are toxic to eat and or may make the milk toxic for human consumption may also have medical qualities too for other uses. .  Scientists are also studying many plants including new species and rediscovered ones too for medicinal qualities.Some of these large mammals may also eat plants that have these qualities too. 

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