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Durga puja gets underway

 Amid much fanfare and traditional religious fervor, Durga puja festival got underway on Tuesday. The idol of the goddess of strength was formally installed at the alter at 9-30 in the evening chanting hymns and mantras.

Devotees started thronging the puja pendals for puja offering immediately after the installation of the idols. Saptami puja falls on Wednesday. Guwahati alone has over 300 puja pendals this time guarded by security forces apprehending terrorist attack.

Puja pendals, mostly, in Guwahati have installed CCTV cameras following the instruction by the district administration. The idols would be immersed on Saturday afternoon. Cutural functions along with various competitions are also lined the next three days.

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Anger mars Teachers Day

5 Sep 2016 - 11:01am | AT News

Voice of anger and protest marred the countrywide Teachers Day celebrations in Assam on Monday.
Miffed at the disappointing decisions of the Government, many teachers in the schools and colleges staged dharna highlighting their demands on the teachers day from Monday morning.
According to information, the agitated teachers in all district and sub divisional headquarters staged dharna demanding immediate measures to address their grievances.
The Assam Government held a the central function at the Rabindra Bhawan in Guwahati where the plights of the thousands of teachers did not find an echo.

Sivasagar coaching centre wins Inter-club Football Tournament

24 Jan 2012 - 3:51pm | Anup Arandhara

The Sivasagar Coaching Center wins the final defeating Sivasagar Coaching Club in the Sivasagar district Inter-Club Football tournament by 5-4 goals with sudden death rule, held at Piyali Phukan Stadium, Sivasagar. Hirak Jyoti Chutia of Sivasagar Coaching Centre receives the best player award.

Is India heading towards anarchy?

14 Jun 2011 - 4:03am | Daya Nath Singh

Yoga Guru Ramdeva fighting to get back the Indian’s black money in the foreign banks to the country continued his fast from June 4, had to give up on 9th on demand of millions of countrymen, who wanted his precious life to be utilized in the welfare of mankind. His tirade against the ‘unholy’ politicians and bureaucrats, who are involved in top-level corruption continued during his fast and none of high- level officials approached to solve the issues raised by him. This was interpreted by a section of the society as the government was not interested in bringing back the black money in the country. Even the government was not interested to reveal the names of such persons, who accumulated black money in foreign banks. The recent development in the country’s politics made every Indian to think over the issue, if the country was heading towards anarchy? The movement started by veteran Gandhian and freedom-fighter Anna Hazare to bring a Lok Pal Bill in the Parliament to check ‘high level corruption’ in public services and judiciary, created an atmosphere of fear among the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, who assembled money and property in crores of rupees by unfair means.

On the other hand, the Yoga Guru Ramdeva continued his agitation to bring all black money from the Swiss banks to the country and utilize the same in the developmental activities of the country. On June 4, he began his fast but the government did not pay attention to it. Both the agitations, either by Anna Hazare or by Swami Ramdeva have the feeling of nationalism and to safeguard the future of the people of the country. It is only the ruling party which tries to divert the attention of the people on different issues like questioning about assets of the opposite parties, without declaring their own. The intention of the ruling party is not clear on the issue of the black money.

Unfortunately, the Government of India has tried to crush both the agitations with high handedness. At the initial stage the politicians strongly advocated that bringing of the Bill like Lok Pal, was the ‘sole right’ of the Members of the Parliament. Subsequently, they agreed to accept an equal number of members from civil society for formation of the Draft Bill. In the meantime, it was also revealed that a draft Lok Pal Bill was also pending in the Parliament for more than four decades. No reason was given for the delay in moving the same for discussion... After a few sittings for drafting; the Lok Pal Bill, Anna Hazare seemed to be fed-up with the behavior of the politicians as they started giving much importance to the agitation run by Swami Ramdeva. Ramdeva was given a red carpet welcome by four top Central ministers, who reached to welcome him at the airport. Soon they felt that Swami was too tough in his stand. Ramdeva began his indefinite fast on June 4 and several rounds of discussions began, but turned to be only a ‘blackmailing’ by the government.

The midnight of June 4-5 turned to be a hostile one, when five thousands security men deployed began lathi charge and used teargas on the sleeping lakhs of Swami’s followers at Ram Lila ground. It was alleged that the security men used lathi and teargas on the innocent sleeping men women and children that midnight and looted their belongings. The light connections were cut off and stage was put on fire. The action taken by the security men let the people remember the days of British rule in the country. In no way the present rulers behaved better than the ‘cold blooded’ Britishers. The Congress leaders who had given red carpet welcome to Swami Ramdeva did not react on his fast. Rather some of them wanted to know the details of the assets of Swami’s trust which was immediately given. But shamelessly the opponent of Swami felt shy to give the details of their own assets. It gives an impression of the dictatorship by the ruling party, in which even the prime minister is helpless.