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NHRC notice to Dispur on violence

The National Human Rights Commission issued notice to Dispur seeking a report on the deaths in violence over panchayat polls in the state.
In a statement, NHRC said that notice has been sent to home secretary, government of Assam, and DGP, who have been asked to submit a report on the matter within four weeks
The NHRC issued notice on a complaint after a media report appeared, alleging that 11 persons died in violent clashes over panchayat.
According to NHRC, out of the eleven, reportedly nine died in police firing and two in group clashes between the people who were opposed to the elections and those who supported it at different places.

The commission observed that the contents of the media report, if true, would raise a serious concern over violation of human rights.

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Lack of able leadership a major problem in Assam: Prodyut Bora

1 Jan 2014 - 9:03pm | Neelakshi Bordoloi

Lack of able political leadership is the basic crisis facing Assam today and is at the root of many grave problems plaguing the state. Various forms of leadership crisis that is plaguing Assam and northeast India, the most acutely felt is the absence of a competent political leadership, said Prodyut Bora, BJP national executive member.

Delivering the GPC Lecture at Guwahati Press Club on Wednesday, Mr Bora argued that this is far more damaging to the future of the state and its people than any other problems often cited in popular circles. “When we talk of problems plaguing Assam, we talk about flood & erosion, insurgency, agriculture, unemployment among others, but we often do not stop to question whether they are genuine problems or symptoms of a bigger malice. The problems that are cited, are not even considered anymore in many other countries of the world, which had faced similar situations and emerged triumphant,” he said. Referring to the various forms of leadership, Mr Bora discussed at length about political leadership or the lack of it thereof in present day Assam. He said that although there are a bevy of leaders that represent Assam in the Parliament, they have not been able to get their voice across to the Central government, for which the Assam continues to suffer.

He went on to add that the country does not run on emotions but on logic & reasoning and the popular forms of protests employed by leaders in Assam often fail to hold sway with the Central government. Mr Bora also rubbished claims from several quarters that Assam leaders find themselves disadvantaged because of language barrier and said the mark of a true leader is what he delivers in his speech, not how. “We often find brazen behavior from our leaders at times when they should act with self confidence, he said.

Mr Bora also alluded to the growing hereditary leadership which is rapidly strengthening its grip in most political parties and questioned the exuberance over the purported emergence of youth leadership, most of who are products of hereditary politics. In this regard, he referred to the work of Patrick French where he talks at length about dynastic politics in India.

As a common man, Mr Bora expressed hope at the emergence of Aam Admi party in Delhi which has effectively shown the power of the average Indian voter, although he expressed reservations about their performance in Assam, while lamenting the excessive use of alcohol and money power in the electoral process.

Talking about bringing a change in the system, he said that changes need to be made in people, process and technology to ensure transparency which is the greatest enemy of corruption. Mr Bora, while referring to the need for a collective inspiration, he said that the Assamese can take pride in the only ‘male’ river in the world, the mighty Brahmaputra, which originates in Tibet, passing through the north eastern states before culminating in the Bay of Bengal and affecting millions of lives in three countries. He also referred to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika as a source of inspiration, whose creations can be compared to the contributions of any legendary genius’ across the globe. According to him, a successful leader should be able to inspire the common people for collective good of the society.

He, however, lamented the shortsightedness of the present leadership in Assam and said efforts should be made to ensure Assam exploits her natural competency through industries that benefits her economy in a sustainable manner.

Photo: Pitamber Newar

Hojai civic body chief, aide axed

9 Apr 2018 - 5:56pm | Nikhil Mundra

HOJAI: Assam BJP unit has expelled two leaders of the Hojai Municipality Board alleging anti party activities triggering no less crises in the civic body.
In a letter circulated on April 5, 2018, party general secretary Dilip Saikia said HMB chairperson Mamata Dey and Vice chairman Samir Sarkar have been expelled for involving in the anti party activities.
The duo faced the action after the consent from state party president Ranjit Kumar Das. Now the party is in process to find out their substitutes.

Problems of Bornadi WLS discussed: monitoring committee formed

31 Dec 2011 - 6:19pm | Jayanta Kumar Das

A meeting was held in DC's Conference Hall.Udalguri on December 28 at 11 AM to discuss problems of Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary. Declared a Reserve Forest in 1942 it elevated to a wildlife Sanctuary in 1980. Famous for Pigmy Hog and Hispid Hare besides other animal and birds, Bornadi WLS with an area of just 26.21 sq KM has been a part of Manas Tiger Reserve. But wildlife loving people of the district have different story to tell. According to them it was elevated to a WLS without considering development of its infrastructures like approach road,communication,forest staff,tourist lodge,guide etc. Unabated destruction of forests and large scale encroachment have been adding more trouble to the WLS and its habitats. With no attached buffer zone the animals of the sanctuary are in big risk of lives. Any wild animals coming out of the WLS instantly get killed by locals. Neither Assam nor BTAD authority had ever paid slightest attention for its development. Nature loving people of the district including members of two NGO s working at Bornadi WLS and Khalingduar RF express serious concern saying that if no steps were taken it would die a premature death. Fortunately educated young boys and girls of the locality have come out for the restoration its lost glory.

The meeting was attended by DC,SP, DFO of Udalguri representatives of WWF, ABITA, Media,DVO, District Agriculture Officer and members of two NGOs namely – Pigmy Hog Eco-tourism Society and Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society. Speaking on the occasion, Thaneswar Malakar,DC,Udalguri thanked The Assam Tribune group for giving excellent coverage of the three Reserve Forests of the district namely -Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary,Khalingduar Reserve Forest, Bhairabkunda JFMC Forest and Neewly,another PRF which has been totally encroached. At the same time he the members of the two NGO namely -Pigmy Hog Eco-tourism Society of Bornadi WLS and Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society to work with dedication leaving aside personal interest and profit. Conservation activists Debanga Mahaliya spoke on poor grassland management in Bornadi WLS saying that invasive species of creepers and shrubs could very much destroy the WLS. Bankim Sarma,DFO,Dhansiri Division explained departmental procedures and requested members of the conservation groups to inherit expertize and skill before venturing into forests. According to him new management plan for Bornadi WLS would soon be prepared.

Hiten Baishya of WWF North Bank Landscape Programme assured the meeting that they would arrange a training camp at Bornadi in the month of February for the members of the NGOs working in the district so as to engage them in wildlife survey.In this matter he assued that they would also arrange an exposure tour for the trainees in Laokhoa WLS. Bikon Deka, Senior Manager of Bhutiachang TE (one of he most Eco-friendly tea garden in the state)and Chairmen ABITA speaking on the occasion advised young members to stop traditional hunting and killing of wild animals and birds among tea garden tribes.He also declared that ABITA would arrange another nature exposure tour for the nature loving members in Dibru-Saikhoa National Park. A monitoring committee for Bornadi WLS was formed in the meeting as suggested by DC Udalguri with DFO,Dhansiri forest Division as the Chairman,Jayanta Kumar Das as Member Secretary;ADC (Dev) and Additional SP Udalguri; Chairman ABITA ,Mangaldai Circle;Debanga Mahaliya and two representative from two NGO as members.The committee will take necessary steps for the promotion of Eco-tourism and conservation of flora and fauna in Bornadi WLS.