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NFBS: Moving in wrong direction in Assam

The National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS), a part of the National Social Assistance programme, is aimed at providing cash assistance of Rs 10,000 to BPL families after the death of primary breadwinner, if he or she is aged between 18 and 65 years. A "primary breadwinner" is a household member whose earnings contribute substantially to household income. This scheme was also launched in Assam, but it has not received much attention in many places of Assam.

Talking about the situation of Mwkna Dimajora, which comes under Boro Bazaar Block of Chirang district, BTAD, most of the widows who applied for NFBS failed to gain any benefit, instead they are harassed physically and mentally. In order to apply for this scheme they have to undergo many things i.e. caste certificate, income certificate, death certificate, age certificate and all sorts of things from different offices. On the other hand, they have to pay bribe to get the required certificates. So it is really pathetic that these widows of the poor section of the society, have to spend around Rs 1200 to get Rs 10,000. If this is a situation, then why do we need such a scheme?

The interesting part is that Deputy Commissioner himself doesn't even know about the scheme clearly and how much money is sanctioned in a fiscal. When asked, Additional Deputy Commissioner said that such order or guidelines do not reach them.

In fact they have to collect the guidelines from the DC Office, Bongaigaon. Moreover they feel that it is not necessary for them to collect the guidelines.

If we are talking about development and the uplift of these poor sections of the society by giving benefits, then, why the officials harass them physically as well as mentally? Why do the officials take bride from these sections? Haven't the officials paid well by the government or haven't they paid for their work? Then why the poor people are always targeted and why they are always victimized?

The State Government need to check such attitude of the officials and immediate action need to taken if such corruption is found. I appeal to the people to raise voice against the corruption that is done by the government officials in our state. We need to be united and raise our voice.
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