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Price rise is having effect on 'Bhogali Bihu' at Nagaon

This year the Nagaon enthusiastic 'Bihu' lovers are having something precisely to worry much beyond chilliness woes gathering surrounding Nagaon city. The common man is having tough time ahead just on the eve of Bihu purchasing as price of almost all the commodities including vegetables and fruits widely used on Bihu is much higher than preceeding year-2010.

The election year is really giving pain to common Bihu lovers at the cost of happiness coming at big price with no surprise.

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Assam student dies in Bangaluru

24 Feb 2015 - 11:46am | AT News

Ashraful Hussain Laskar, a student from Hailakandi in Assam was found dead in the Madhuwala police station area in Bangaluru. Ashraful died after he fell from a building. Police has been investigating any foul play in the incident. 

Electioneering in Dima Hasao getting momentum

25 Mar 2011 - 1:36am | Anup Biswas

In order to ensure smooth and proper management and free fair, peaceful conduct of Assembly election from 16-Haflong (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency is in full swing. Already detailed plan of action has been chalked out for performance of various duties to be carried out by the election machinery prior to, during and after the poll.16 (sixteen) different cells and sub-cells have already started functioning to ensure free and fair election process and prompt disposable of the works related to conduct of the poll scheduled to be held on April 4th next.

D. Borthakur. IAS, Deputy Commissioner & Returning Officer 16-Haflong (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency and R.K Laskar. ACS, Election Officer, has held several meetings with all Government Officials and political parties to strictly follow the model code of conduct. He also directed the Zonal Magistrates and sector officers to ensure proper and strict observance of the code of conduct. In a meeting with the political parties and press media the Deputy Commissioner requested all of them to adhere to certain guidelines as issued by the Election Commission of India. He also requested everyone to give full cooperation to the District Administration for a free and fair election.

For smooth and proper management of the poll, the 16-Haflong (ST) LAC has been divided into 11 zones, 53 sectors with 189 polling stations. The total number of general voters are 130248 (Male-66426, Female-63822) and service voters are 142 (Male-126, Female-16).

In the Assembly Election 2006, the total number of voters were 126814 (Male-64876, Female-61938 ) which includes 109 (Male-96, Female-13) service voters. It is noteworthy that in the previous Assembly election from 16-Haflong (ST) LAC, the total number of voters turn out were 94481 (Male-49834, Female-44647) which includes 144 postal votes and 14 rejected votes, and the valid vote was 94467.Candidate wise vote polled in the last Assembly election’2006 were: G.C Langthasa (INC)-40154, Prakanta Warisa (ASDC)-32336, Kulendra Daulagupu (BJP)-16746,Arun Chandra Haflongbar (AGP)-2672, and Rajatmoni Thaosen (CPI-ML)-2559.

In the meantime the EVM Warehouse was opened by the Deputy Commissioner & Returning Officer 16-Haflong (ST) LAC in the presence of Shri V.P Patel. IAS, General Observer 16-Haflong (ST) LAC, Shri. S.K Das.IRS, Expenditure Observer 16-Haflong (ST) LAC along with the candidates and agents.

Meteor shower hits Assam sky !

12 Aug 2010 - 4:10am | Mowsam Hazarika

Sky watchers may get a treat starting 10th August , 2010 night as the famous Perseids meteor shower is expected to peak, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said. Several Sky observers enjoyed the event from different parts of Assam. The Perseids meteor shower is considered among the "most reliable," being seen usually between August 10 and 14. The famous Perseids meteor shower will be observed with its peak on the late night of August 12 until dawn on the following day, meteors are easiest to see if there is no moonlight and light pollution. An exceptional shower may occasionally show tens or even hundreds of meteors per minute, but around 50 meteors per hour is more typical.

On the other hand, it said the famous Summer Triangle formed by the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair of the constellations Lyra, Aquila and Cygnus, respectively, is being well placed above the eastern horizon. Scorpius and Sagittarius are the most prominent constellations in the southern night sky, it added. The largest visible star in the sky is Antares, a reddish Red-giant star which is the prominent star in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. Experts said groupings of naked eye planets will adorn skywatchers as they will see Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in the western horizon 30 minutes after sunset. At around 8 p.m. of Aug. 13, the crescent Moon will join the groupings of Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury. At around 9 p.m. of Aug. 22, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune will be at 14, 16 and 39 degrees above the eastern horizon and will be glowing at magnitude -2.8, +5.7 and +7.8, respectively.

"Jupiter and Uranus will lie among the background stars of the constellation Pisces, the Fish while Neptune will be found among the stars of the constellation Aquarius, the Water Bearer. A modest size telescope will be needed to observe Neptune and the Blue-Green planet, Uranus," they said.