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A walk with Saurav Kumar Chaliha

“In my entire life I never heard of a fan club being formed on a writer!" – exclaimed an overwhelmed Arup Kumar Dutta." We see fan clubs more of actors or some other kind of celebrities, but a writer, no, I don't remember."

And another lady added -" fan clubs are more into meetings, lavish dinners , bronze, or even gold, statues, and here a fan group of a writer have developed a website!"

But, what else can you do with Saurav Kumar Chaliha? If you have read him already then you know the answer. And, if you don't, then here is the website for you - created by "Saurav Kumar Chaliha Fan Society" - and formally inaugurated on first of January 2011 in Guwahati -

Only sixteen of his original Assamese stories have been translated into English till now and they have been put in the site. Some other writings, by other writers, can be read also, and, certain audio-video links are added in this bilingual site. First January was just a beginning, as symbolic as the date, and there are many more miles to go still.

We would appreciate your comments/suggestions on the site or even the translations.

And, here is what Saurav Kumar Chaliha himself says about his writings -" to hear the word, one feels that ‘prose’ is an aristocratic adjunct, a high-toned classical thing. There is of course nothing aristocratic about my writings, but perhaps even those mundane pieces have given me some happiness, some satisfaction, a few perhaps ‘cloudless’ , most others basically ‘clouded’. But at the same time there is always the conscious feeling that these writings are not entirely my private, personal stuff to be put away in my drawer, that these would be printed on the pages of books and magazines, read over the radio."

So, here we go.

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