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Kicking Off Rongali Bihu in Style: A Recap of Brihottor London Bihu 2024

Kicking Off Rongali Bihu in Style: A Recap of Brihottor London Bihu 2024
Kicking Off Rongali Bihu in Style: A Recap of Brihottor London Bihu 2024

The spirit of Rongali Bihu arrived in the UK with a bang at the highly anticipated Brihottor London Bihu celebrations held on April 6th, 2024, in Slough. This exuberant event marked the first of three Bihu celebrations planned for London this year and set a new standard for future festivities.

A Vibrant Gathering for All Ages

Over two hundred people, from energetic toddlers to seasoned octogenarians, came together to celebrate. The lively crowd swayed to the infectious Bihu beats, reveling in the opportunity to be among the first in the UK to welcome the Assamese New Year.

For many in the UK's Assamese diaspora, Bihu gatherings are a cherished tradition. They provide a chance to reconnect with loved ones, revive childhood memories, and celebrate their heritage. This year was no different.

A Celebration of Culture

The venue was adorned with vibrant decorations, featuring Bihu dancers, pepa, kopou, and japis. Gamosas and sadors were tastefully folded to resemble dhols and xorais, instantly transporting everyone back to Assam.

The atmosphere was warm and inviting, filled with conversation, laughter, and of course, delicious food. Guests were treated to a generous spread of authentic Assamese pitha-laroos, leaving everyone pleasantly surprised by the availability of such traditional fare in the UK.

A Platform for Young Talent

The cultural show was a highlight, showcasing the talents of many, particularly the under-18 British-Assamese youngsters. Their Bihu Fashion Show and charming Assamese vocabulary with a UK twist stole the hearts of the audience.

Fifteen-year-old Samhita Chakravorty perfectly summed up the experience for the young performers, saying, "I loved performing for the crowd. It created a memory I will treasure forever." This sentiment echoed the pride of parents and organizers who instilled Assamese culture and values in the next generation.

Music, Dance, and Unforgettable Memories

Pritom Bora's captivating Xatriya dance performance left the crowd in awe, while traditional Husori, modern songs, duets, and Bihu dance added to the vibrant program. The infectious Bihu beats by guest artist Deeplina Deka, accompanied by local musicians, proved irresistible. Soon, the dance floor was filled with people of all ages, lost in the joyful celebration.

"The music was so persuasive that I HAD to go to the front and dance!" exclaimed Juhaim Rasul Choudhury, an 18-year-old mainstream British TV actor and Bihu Fashion Show participant.

The energy was palpable as the crowd danced together, creating a truly communal Bihu experience. The only disappointment came when the much-anticipated Bihu Bhoj (dinner) signaled the end of the evening, leaving everyone wanting more.

Setting a New Standard

The overwhelming success of Brihottor London Bihu 2024, being the first of the three celebrations, has set a high bar for future events. The challenge now is to build on this momentum and create an even bigger and better Bihu experience next year.

Kicking Off Rongali Bihu in Style: A Recap of Brihottor London Bihu 2024
Kicking Off Rongali Bihu in Style: A Recap of Brihottor London Bihu 2024
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