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Bhutan seals border with BTAD

Kokrajhar: Traffic movement remains heavily disrupted along the Indo-Bhutan border areas in BTAD areas as the National Council Elections in Bhutan is holding the country wide polls on Friday.

The security forces manning the border of the Himalayan kingdom sealed  the gates from 6 PM(BST) on April 19 to till 6 PM(BST) on Friday  to facilitate smooth conduct of the elections.

The elections of Bhutan Royal Government is gaining up since morning in peacefull and fair as the border share with four districts of BTAD(Assam),which includes Kokrajhar,Chirang,Baksa and Udalguri have alerted to be traffic controlled along the international border.

The Sarpang Deputy Commissioner of neighboring Bhutan had informed that in order to facilitate smooth conduct of the National Council Elections in Bhutan country, their border will be remained sealed from 6PM(BST) on April 19 to 6PM(BST) on Friday.

The Sarpang district administration of Bhutan country sought cooperation from India counterpart districts,apart from Chirang,Baksa administration to meet healthy successful of the national council elections to be held on April 20.

 Taking note of such situation, the Chirang and Baksa Deputy Commissioners(Assam) asked the district police to sensitise all the security agencies to keep strict vigil along the Indo-Bhutan border area as well as instructed the district transport officer to inform all the transporters' associations not to ply to Bhutan during that period.

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Poaching poses serious threat to Kaziranga

25 Jan 2008 - 7:36am | editor
Kaziranga National Park, one of the world’s heritage site of late, is buying a bad name - safe haven of poachers, who have killed 21 one horn rhinos within a period of 13 months.

The abode of 1855 one horn rhinos, 86 leopards, 1431 wild buffalos,1246 elephants, several thousand deer, and over 500 species of colourful birds is facing a serious threat of extinction if this continues. Covering an areas of 860 square km, the park is riddled with inadequate arms to face the poachers, fund crunch to uplift it and lack of adequate workers besides the government’s lackadaisical attitude.

There are altogether 68 forest workers aged in between 51 to 60. What is more shocking is that one 9 out of 531 workers are physically capable to deal with the poachers. This is one reason why poaching is still going on.

The park authority has altogether 315 rifles. But for 439 workers. These rifles can be used from 20 metre away only. Of these, 250 rifles need to be repaired immediately and the park authorities are remaining idle.

Another area of concern is the grim fund crunch. The Kaziranga has not received Government fund from the 2005. As a result, 90 per cent if the cars belonging to the Park have been lying in a shamble. Sources here say the park is in the need of Rs 3,97,80,000 to be uplifted.

Sill the flood ravaged roads have yet to be repaired causing much inconvenience for the tourists And yet the Assam government has no fund to uplift these.

What further aggravates the situation is the government’s failure to recruit more workers. The park has one 21 mahuts to run 49 elephants. The anti poaching camps numbering 125 have been falling short of manpower.

Notably, the Kaziranga National Park received the world heritage site status but if it so happens it will be facing an extinction soon.

Poisons flooding pharmacies

19 Jun 2014 - 10:42am | AT News

It is hard to believe. But true. Poisonous drugs are flooding the pharmacies across the state posing serious threat to the health sector.

Banned drugs are still for sale in the open market. Analgin is easily available in the pharmacies. Doctors do not prescribe the tablets. But consumers buy it as pain killer which can cause bone marrow depression.

Similarly consumption of cisapride to get rid of acidity and constipation can cause irregular heartbeat. Similarly, one who takes phenolphthalein for laxative runs the risk of cancer.

But strange are the ways of the health department. The heavily manned department has yet to step in. “Why the drugs inspectors are averse to conduct raid in the pharmacies. When will the prisoners of conscience awake?,” said a doctor who does not want his name to be disclosed.



Reason of ban

Rosiglitazone malegate

anti diabetic

heart failure


anti hyperlipidemic

fatal rhabdomyolysis


pain killer

bone marrow depression


acidity & constipation

irregular heartbeat



irregular heartbeat





pain killer

liver failure





anti-bacterial cream




nerve damage



damage to sight


Gogoi talks Naga pact with Rahul

7 Aug 2015 - 1:10pm | AT Political Bureau

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi is holding a crucial meeting with Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi along with his counterparts in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

The Naga peace pact is believed to be the agenda of discussion where the party vice president have asked them to go all out against the Centre for striking the deal without consultation with them.

Gogoi along with Nabam Tuki and Okram Ibobi Singh arrived in the capital at 12 noon to attend the meeting.   (With inputs from New Delhi)