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Awareness of Alcoholic Addiction and Drug Abuse among youths held

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering under the banner of the Health Care Unit of School of Technology, Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU), Guwahati has organized an “Awareness Webinar on Alcoholic Addiction and Drug Abuse among youths” in association with the Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, Central University of Haryana, India on 23 December 2021. More than 300 students from Assam Don Bosco University participated in the webinar.

The program kicked off with a welcome speech by the Director of the School of Technology, Assam Don Bosco University - Prof. Manoranjan Kalita. Addressing the audience, the chief guest minister Shri Kaushal Kishore said that just as the British had looted the country's wealth and honour by making the country a slave, similarly intoxication had also been destroying the honour. He said that via this awareness campaign, every citizen should make people aware of the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs so that a new clearheaded and disciplined society can be created. Shri Kaushal mentioned that his son - the late Akash Kishore - died at a young age of 28 years on 19 October 2020 due to liver damage from alcohol addiction. Hurt by the death of the son, Minister Kaushal Kishore, and his wife, the MLA from Malihabad, Mrs. Jayadevi Kaushal had taken a pledge that no one's son or daughter should end their life due to drugs; for this, they started an intoxication-free society movement. Our new generation has to be told about the disadvantages of drugs and they have to take a pledge not to take drugs. Furthermore, he appealed to inspire the children and near and dear ones to be friends with sober friends. Shri Kaushal concluded his speech by urging everyone to carry this movement forward and take a pledge to observe the upcoming new year’s celebrations alcohol and drugs free. The program ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Manish Kumar, of Central University of Haryana.

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