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London Bihu Committee - Celebration of The Rongali Bihu 2009

The London Bihu Committee (LBC), UK, held their annual Rongali Bihu celebration last Sunday, the 3rd May 2009. The event was held in a new location in Hornchurch, East London and the changeable British weather kindly held up for the occasion.

The Committee deliberately chose a larger venue on the back of Rongali London Bihu 2008's staggering success. The Campion School is of Catholic denomination and the multicultural and inclusive nature of the British Assamese community could not be better summed up than celebrating the reaping of the Brahmaputra-induced harvest in front of Mother Mary herself.

The hall itself was decorated with ample Xorais, japis gamosas and incongruously hung balloons on the pillars. One keen observer noted the hall wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a temple or a kid's party! The ladies of the LBC did themselves proud by making a range of home made Assamese jolpan Sira-doi-gur (Suravi Lahon), Narikol laroo (Krishna Baruah) , Ghila pitha (Geeta Borooah), Tilor laroo (Neera Borkakoti). These were complimented with a variety of cakes (Ilu Ahmed) and children’s food (Geeta Sikdar) and children’s snacks (Neeta Borkakoti)...all much appreciated by the eager crowd.

After an energetic opening speech by Neera Borkakoti, the LBC President, the cultural show featured some of the youngest members of the British Assamese community displaying their dancing talents to such good effect that there was a repeat performance in the second half - back by popular demand!

The main guest artist was Prija Goswami from Guwahati, who wooed the crowd with her splendid Satriya and Bihu dances. We then had the usual display of Husori, singing, dancing and musical performance that we have come to expect from the cultural show.

The Vote of thanks was once again this year given by the LBC General Secretary Sanjay Sikdar in his own inimitably laid back style, and as usual he didn't forget to thank anyone, including the chap who was rolling out the dough for the puris.

This year, it is fair to say that London Rongali Bihu broke their own records set last year in terms of attendance and popularity. The hundreds of revellers present enjoyed the time set aside for Bihu dance, and the atmosphere generated by the enthusiasm of the audience meant that the drink flowed freely. Some people certainly seemed especially thirsty.

The finale of the evening was the Bihu Bhoj with tender chicken, spicy okra and melt in the mouth lamb amongst a plethora of other dishes. The Rasomalai police were also out in full force to prevent the premature consumption of the hall's favourite dessert and fortunately they did not have to make too many arrests.

All in all it is understating things to say we are all looking forward to next year. Rongali Bihu: what do we do? Usually drink, usually dance, usually bhalkoi -khou.

Jayanta Borkakoti, Rishi Kakati

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Sunita's picture

Myself, my husband and our two little ones had a great time at this year's Rongali Bihu celebrations in London. Thanks to the orgnisers for all the effort that they put in to make the event such a roaring success. Looking forward to next year !
Dr. Rajinder Singh's picture

I would like to congratulate the London Bihu Committee for hosting and organising the fantastic function. Although I am a Sikh from Punjab, I have attending and enjoying with the Assamese community for last 22yrs and I have been adopted as a honourary Assamese.
Bobby's picture

One of the best Bihus ever!
d.khargharia's picture

Excellent Bihu celebration and we are proud of LBC at such place we Assamese people are spreading our culture and custom of Assamese society. Hope such function may follow grand success in future also. D.Khargharia SIVASAGAR ASSAM (INDIA)
Mohan Chandra Mahanta's picture

It was a great celebration far away from home. Actually it was my first attendance in a bihu celebration in London. My wife is from Gujurat and we are newly married. So, we really enjoyed but missed our love ones back home in India. I thank all the organisers for this grand success specially Dr. Khogeswar Lahon who informed me about this programme.
Sanjoy's picture

ahesh dhanyabad jonalo londonok axom bonowar babe.we are proud of dur assam and being assamese.
bharati's picture

i would like someone to contact me..i thought assamese did not exist in this number is 07941655442.
Pranoy's picture

@ Bharati Very funny,are you making of fun of assamese existance in UK or you are very poor in written english or you thought assamese are from planet MARS ????
Samarjit's picture

I m one of the Assamese people.... would like to make some contacts with u coz we have a band workig here successfully for bihu nites........
Nick Diaz's picture

Hi, Well written account on the celebrations, though slightly annoyed to see lusi's being called puri's. There is a difference: the lusi is finer and inflates far more than the mainland Indian puri. - Nick
JOLY BORAH's picture

HELLOOO...EVERYONE.I m 4m guwahati,assam.i m a professional choreographer n teach bihu dance,jhumur,kushan,bardoisikhla... n also creative dance based on indian n bollywood songs n music.i wanna perform n conduct a workshop in d assamese commitee there.will somebody help me??
pratyush's picture

Dont you think you are missing prija’s pic here. – she was the special guest, she deserves it.. thanks
Jeet Roy's picture

I am really eager to get in touch with the Assamese community over here in London.Can any one please help me?? As we all know Maag Bihu is not that far!!i dont wanna miss home. I live in the Kingsbury area.. my no is 07574043416
S.Talukdar's picture

May I request the Assamese people living in UK to kindly inform me if any free/reasonably priced guest house/paying guest accommodation is available in London or elsewhere in UK for Assamese people interested to visit UK for 1/2 weeks.Kindly mail me at or call +919231896500.
Bikash Jyoti Hazarika's picture

Very glad to see your valuable website.At present I am in London for another week.My cell number is +447556251734.If any one I can meet here,I will be very much glad. B J Hazarika.
Utpal Dutta's picture

Hi I am Utpal From Duliajan Assam ... We have a Large group of BIHU and BHAUNA HOTRIYA and many more .... can we have a chance to perform any event at your Society ?
Utpal Dutta's picture

We r conducting Shows in Assamese Folk and Classical both in Assam and various part of India............ So if we get a chance to come there then we get a chance to perform our skills
Monisha Bordoloi's picture

Im a singer, performer of instruments. dancer, music composer of Assam. I look forward to perform in ur state. If You require more information bout me.. search google on My name- Monisha Bordoloi. Thanking You all.
bhaskar phukan's picture

I am new in staines, eagerly waiting to hear about rongali bihu in london.
apurba kumar dutta's picture

apunar hokolure babey Rongali Bihu r hubesha all the assamese in london,UK.its gr8 dat..u all hv make our culture global.
Swapnanil Talukdar's picture

Although , I am an habitant from Assam , Guwahati ; I m very glad to see , hear , know , about the organisation L b c , organizing the most awaited festival Rangali Bihu. In guwahati too we celebrate it with all our anticipation , knowing about the bihu with all the support from the english people there , it is truely a great achievement by our people . I being @ student of class 9 , i am proud of being an Assamese . Actualy , when in future i will visit there i would like to be a part of such inagruation and share pithas and ladoos.

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Yoga: A Supreme Science

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In the year 1974, Osho, the enlightened mystic of modern time spoke of techniques such as Yoga, Zen, Sufi, Tantra; for human transformation which will become more and more important for the modern man.

In His volume of talks on Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Osho says Patanjali was a great scientist and Yoga a supreme science. Yoga is a device, but only in the hands of the masters. Yoga is not just an exercise, it is not for the body; yes, the body is used, but it is to realize something beyond the body.

When Patanjali was working, a totally different quality of man existed in the world - very simple, primitive, unrepressed, with no neurosis, no enforced pattern; natural, more spontaneous, more in tune with nature. Trust was easy, doubt was difficult. Now just the opposite has happened. Trust is almost impossible, doubt is as natural as breathing. The whole energy is repressed. Man is no more a flow, but frozen; many limbs are completely cut or paralysed.

In the past, people in India never used chairs. Chairs change the body posture in particular ways, a certain posture is created and by and by it becomes a fixed part. This needs to be changed, so that one becomes more natural again.

Osho says, “Yoga is significant, but many more things have to be added to it.

The discipline is very ancient and man has changed a lot. It is one of the most ancient things in the world, but the discipline was created for a certain type of man who no more exists. Tremendous change has happened - not only in the mind of man, but in the biology, in the physiology of man - and Yoga has to keep pace with it. So, many more things have to be added to it. Many people try Yoga but few succeed. At the most it can become a sort of exercise. It is good as far as it goes. It gives you a certain health, a certain well-being, but that was not the aim of Yoga.

It is as if you have an aeroplane and you are using it as a truck.

You can use it as a truck and it is good as far as it goes, but you could have flown in it. So Yoga is just a means towards the ultimate. The physiological part is not the most essential part, but it has become the most essential. Many people are lost in it. For their whole life they go on practising in the body and they feel good. But to feel good is not enough. Unless you feel God, to feel good is not enough. Unless you become a god, nothing is enough.”

Yoga is pure science, and Patanjali is the greatest name as far as the world of yoga is concerned. For the first time in the history of humanity, he  brought religion to the state of a science: he made religion a science, bare laws; no belief is needed.

Osho says, “There is no other difference between one religion and another; the difference is only of beliefs. Yoga has nothing as far as belief is concerned; yoga doesn't say to believe in anything. Yoga says experience. Just like science says experiment, yoga says experience. Experiment and experience are both the same, their directions are different. Experiment means something you can do outside; experience means something you can do inside. Experience is an inside experiment. You can learn all the Yoga exercises and that is not going to make you a yogi. It will give you a better physique, better health. It is not going to give you a better soul. That is a totally different matter. It has nothing to do with body postures. It has something to do with the inner alchemy. Your consciousness has to grow higher, you have to become more aware.”

Patanjali can become more and more significant because he is like an Einstein in the world of Buddhas. He is a phenomenon.

The modern mind is constantly obsessed with the future, with the result, not with the here and now. It is time when this mind can be taught yoga because this future orientation is leading nowhere. It is creating constant misery and hell. Yoga can become very meaningful and significant for the modern mind because yoga can save.


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