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Assembly begins winter session

Amid massive security arrangement the Assam Assembly begins its winter session on Monday. The five day long session begins with a stormy in view of a number of issues. On Monday, the list of supplementary demands and appropriation for 2012-2013 will be presented before the Assembly. Besides, on December 12, the introduction, consideration and passage of the Assam Appropriation Bill 2012 is slated. The government is likely to feel the heat of controversy surrounding Enamul Haque, murder and mayhem in BTAD areas, land deal with Bangladesh and price rise.

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Mizoram, Act Fast!

1 Apr 2011 - 11:15pm | editor

My father often narrated to me that the first Council office and the entire budget of Mizo District Council, at the outset, was run with funds borrowed from Mr. Pasung (or Pachhunga), known to be the richest man in the area in those days. Mr. Pasung was a Hmar.

Lusei speaking group in Mizo District, later declared Union Territory and now a State, with arriere pensee, gradually iconised Lusei dialect as Mizo, deftly utilizing the council machinery as tool for Lusei propagation – and, today, Lusei is synonymous to Mizo. As you dawdle along the streets and bazaar in Aizawl, you would often stumble upon an ordinary Hmar young generation who is ready to pounce on you the moment you speak to him in Hmar language. “Why can’t you speak in Mizo, idiot?” Chhangte clans in Mizoram are Hmars, originally known to be ‘Sangte’ (Little brother) in Hmar language. The deleting process of Hmar identity seems to work fast on account of Lusei speaking idiosyncrasy.

And now, burning topic of our time and a stark example of political shortsightedness in Mizoram: the government of Mizoram dallying in solving the Hmar issue and the protracted Sinlung Hills Autonomous District Council demand, constitutional right of the Hmars in Mizoram. Who expect the government of Mizoram to be a good Samaritan? The Hmars ask for their constitutional right and the government of Mizoram should recommend the demand to Central Government for their approval. Simple as that.

Insular government and self-styled haute monde, that’s how Mizoram state legislative assembly looks like. Passing a bill for change of Mizo (Lusei) to ‘any Mizo’ will not safeguard the haute monde culture. The fulcrum of Mizoram, the Hmars, supported by their fellow Hmars from neighbouring states – quis separabit, we the Hmars – can be foreboding in the fullness of time.

Consider the Hmars at strategic points in Assam can easily create economic road blockade for Mizoram state. Imagine the prices of essential commodities in Aizawl and surrounding areas spiraling upward. Food, oil and vote banks are important, isn’t it? So, act fast!

For a state government, resorting to force and suppression is costly and not advisable for a long term policy and purposes. The government of Mizoram should act fast and arrange positive, result-oriented negotiation with political insurgents in their state – HPC(D) and their delegation members nominated as permitted under SoO terms and conditions - and use funds reserved for security towards development programme of its people for self-rule and autonomy within the state.

by Elf Hmar

2 H1N1 suspects tested negative in Assam

17 Aug 2009 - 4:14am | editor
Two suspected cases of H1N1 infection have tested negative in Assam hardly 24 hours after the state confirmed its first patient of the kind. Two persons, suspected to be infected by the killer swine flu have been admitted at the isolation ward at the Jorhat Civil Hospital on Sunday. Their blood samples have been referred to the Dibrugarh based screening centre for confirmation. Reports confirmed negative. Notably, one Dhiraj Yadav, a 21 old boy from Pune is undergoing treatment at the MM Chaudhury Hospital on Saturday. Dhiraj, who is pursuing a law course in Pune came to visit his sister at Beltola in the city a few days back.

Deaths of more wild jumbo calf in Udalguri district resented

5 Jul 2010 - 10:44pm | Jayanta Kumar Das

The mysterious death of another male wild elephant calf in Udalguri district has drawn sharp criticism from the nature loving people of the district. This has been the case of fourth death in a row in just two months in the district. According to information,the dead body of a two months old jumbo calf was found in line no.5 of Hatigarh TE (very close to Red Horns Division Brigade HQ) on the morning of July 3.The body of the dead calf did not bore any mark of injury but looked very weak and pale.Experts said that the calf could have been suffering from malnutrition. They also said that because of the frequent chasing away of the wild elephant herds,the mother elephant could not spare time to feed her infant causing death to him.So far as many as 14 numbers of wild elephants had been killed in Udalguri district in a year time. Although world wide protests had been received,but neither the government nor the tea garden authorities had shown any interest in the matter. Rather they had been busy with clearing forest lands only.

A large numbers of tea gardens including small ones have been established in the northern areas of the district thereby destroying most of the forest cover in last decades leaving no room for the wild animals. The tea gardens established during British rule too had been expanding their gardens by encroaching more and more forest lands. It is time that the government became serious on matters of land and revenue in the areas. It is learned that the lands were alloted to tea gardens on lease basis (for a period of 30 years generally).But the lease agreements had been prepared hundreds years back and the fixation of revenue was too small. The government could earn good revenues if new lease agreements were prepared with the increased in land revenue. More over most of the tea gardens have been occupying more lands than mentioned in the lease deed. Nature loving people of Udalguri urged Assam and BTC government to take steps so as to find the actual land holdings by the tea gardens with immediate effect. NA few nature loving people of the district also said that forest department could never implement any schemes in the areas dominated by the tea gardens to protect wild animals and birds without involving tea garden managements. Tea garden managements must be told to raise special squads to protect both wild animals and people. But unfortunately the role being played by the tea gardens had never been encouraging .Recently a wild elephant survey team headed by the Circle Office, Harisinga Revenue Circle (Tangla) along with forest and media personals had been refused entry to Hatigarh TE .Tea gardens ,various NGOs and government agencies must work closely to stop the so called man elephant conflict by creating general awareness among people;otherwise of which the conflict would go on causing great loss to mankind.