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Assam2008 held in USA

The NRI Assamese get together, Assam2008 of North America was held again this year on the 4th of July weekend. This annual event is part of an on-going effort to bring together the scattered Assamese community in North America for a celebration of Assamese heritage and culture. As always there is good fellowship, fun filled activities, cultural programs, special workshops, special presentations and of course lot of good food - catered and home baked. It was a 3 day event. The 1st day, July 3rd started with reception, registration, and then a group dinner at very nice restaurant where people can chat & socialize. The evening would have ended with dance to DJ Music. However, due to some family tragedy in one of the families this event was cancelled for the night. July 4th & 5th were filled many activities including options for families to go site seeing tour of nearby Valley Forge National Historical Park and Long Wood Botanical Garden during morning and early after noon.

Our guest artist for the event was well known Ms. Tarali Sarma, the only Assamese National Film Award winner for Best Female Playback Singer for the film Akashi Torar Kothare in 2004. She is a regular performing artist of All India Radio & Dooradarshan. She is a singer, composer, director, & philanthropist. Tarali not only performed on both days, but she also participated with our local talented artist Sankumani Sarma in a duet and played the harmonium in another song. She simply got everyone involved in singing and dancing on both days. Everyone had a blast having a good time and enjoyed her down to earth personality. We wish the best to Ms. Tarali Sarma and her family. Folks also bought Tarali’s latest CD like a hot cake.

In addition to our guest artist there were plenty other very talented artists who performed many different cultural items from flute recital, karate, Satriya dance, Assamese modern dance, Bihu dances, Husori, Hindi songs, Gazals, of course lot of Assamese songs, Bihu songs, Boro dances, too many to mention here. Thanks to all the talented local artists, without their support and participation we could not hold these events . The cultural show on 4th was started with a chorus specially composed for the event. Thanks go to Mrs. Anuja Bala Devi of Guwahati for composing. Music was given by her son Mr. Sankumani Sarma. Thank you Sankumani!

Some of the other highlights of the event was a workshop on CPR & Heimlich Maneuver, something everyone should know. Thanks to Dr. Nirode Das for this work shop where many got hands on training. FASS, Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters, USA representative Mr. Rajen Barua gave a very informative presentation on FASS and on the myriads of much needed projects the group is working on. He also showed the 1st ever Assamese audio-video show of a folk tale for children by Ankur Bora. And last but not least released "Learn Assamese with Flash Card", which sold like hot cakes.

By Dhruba Das, Pennsylvania, USA
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Hi everybody there in US. Myself is Sankumani's elder brother from Guwahati. I was very happy to see the good works done by u people in US for Assamese culture and heritage.

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Rock Climbing Adventures Training camp at Bhuneswar

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With the view to find Mount Everest Expedite team by 2019 next from BTAD region, a Rock Climbing Adventures Training camp which has been kicked off from Saturday at Bhuneswar Hill near Dangtal in Chirang district was organized by Adventure NGO, Kokrajhar in association with Assam Mountaineering Association (AMA).

Altogether 30 participants from four districts of BTAD region participated in the three-day training camp to impart training rock climbing, and hill trekking. Learned instructors and experts from Assam Mountaineering Association Prithiraj Narzary taught participants on various aspect and ways about rock climbing and hill trekking during training camp.

Participated lauded the initiative for training which will be benefiting for interested students. Instructor told that they have been imparting training on water sports, rock climbing, hills trekking during camp; besides preparing to find out mount Everest expedite team from BTAD region.

Prithiraj Narzary, training instructor said this adventure training camp was organized to impart training on rock climbing, hill trekking under joint venture from Assam Mountaineering Association and Adventures NGO.

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“It is an initiative to bring sports influence among coming up generations in mountaineering adventure. During the camp, training on rock climbing, hill trekking was trained along the Hills. A Mount Everest Expedite team from BTAD would be sent by 2019 for which why training camp has been stressed with stern steps”,Daimary said.

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