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Mass tree plantation at Pasighat

Pasighat Division forest department along with the Friends of Eighties a socially active group took up a mass tree plantation program from Medical Charali to Sibo Korong bridge at Pasighat.

DFO, Tabang Jamoh hoped that this kind of ventures will inspire others to take up tree plantation in a massive manner. He said that everyone is welcome for tree plantation for which all support and help will be rendered with free saplings by the department. He appealed to all to select a site for plantation in and around Pasighat township. Jummo Geyi , Forest Range Officer informed that the Girders have been provided by the department. Geyi along with his staff supervised the plantation.

Mirem Tapak,a member of the group informed that the plantation will not only beautify the township and maintain greenery but will provide shades to the pedestrian commuters on this long stretch of road. A forestation is the need of the hour in context to the Global Warming, that’s why the group has taken up the exercise and hoped others will follow, he added.

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Indian Society moves ahead: Charge of the single brigade

9 Aug 2007 - 4:33am | Rituparna Goswami Pande

The world is slowly making way for a brigade of young women who remain single by choice. Many such young single women are emerging in our society who have broken the shackles of tradition and asserted their independence. Our society which earlier frowned upon the concept of single woman, terming them old maids and the like, have today gradually but significantly started accepting these free spirited souls who defy the tag of being married and also hate to tag along their better halves as second fiddle. Single mothers, live-in relationships and single working women living a carefree life are no longer a taboo as today many urban women prefer to live alone without being tied up by the bonds or rather bondage of the paraphernalia that comes with the institution of marriage.

Traditionally, a girl after attaining a certain age is expected and in many cases in Indian societies forced to tie the knot, procreate, look after home affairs in short bask in marital bliss or blunder whichever comes first but in the present times more and more women armed with a higher education and earning a fat paycheck prefer singledom; living alone appears far more attractive than a life of boundaries. Therefore, the idea of giving it all up to be chained to a husband and household becomes a huge dilemma.

Financial independence lends an extra boost towards such a decision added with the advantage of not being bound by any restrictive elements; singledom undoubtedly gets the thumbs up.

Women today are defying age old norms. Some may term it as aping the west but though the west has paved the way, ultimately the choices are purely individualistic. Support may not come easily for such ‘rebellious’ decisions but later it comes in abundance. Such a lifestyle is not confined to Metros alone as there are many such free spirits in small towns as well.
Financial security and independence has a very important role in these women’s decision and of course education for without these one can’t think of leading a life of singledom.

In today’s high stressed lives many women have broken barriers of convention and set fine examples but these decisions are solely personal for they do nor denounce the institution of marriage but simply hold a flame which says marriage is not the end all of life and that one can choose happiness in whatever form they desire

Development and disaster cannot go together: Medha

18 Jun 2007 - 3:45am | editor
From Our Correspondent
GUWAHATI: Development in any form must ensure the well being of the people of all section. But what the Government does these days only to safeguard the interest of the multi national companies. A strong movement is neccessary to stop these style of exploitation in the name of development.

These are more or less of what Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA)-pioneer Medha Patkar says at a function at Gauhati University on Sunday.

She expressed grave concern over the environment of Assam saying the scenario is at stake due to unilateral action by the Government for construction of big dams and industrialization like steps for seismic survey on the Brahmaputra riverbed without hearing what the people of the region say. It can also create conflict in this region.

She charges the country’s plan panel with violating the Constitution by ignoring the voice of the North East.

She referred a report by the North-East Social Research Centre which has it that as many as 19 lakh people were displaced due to big development projects in the state since Independence and says big projects are not for the people of the areas concerned, but in the interest of multinational companies.

She further demands the abolition of the Land Acquisition Act which only deprives the common people. She also resented the initiatives for Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Mr Patkar says the panel’s deputy chairman Dr Montek Singh Aluwaliah has not been caring even an iota of what the people in the grass root level say while he is taking up steps to build big river dams in various parts of the country, including the North-east.

In his inaugural address, Vice-Chancellor of Gauhati University, Dr Amarjyoti Choudhury says the university will play its necessary role to find an appropriate technology to keep the environment clean and green.

He stresses the need of a flawless technology to tap the rich water resources of the region to generate about 4,000 MW power.

Notably, People’s Movement for Lower Subansiri Brahmaputra Valley (MLSBV) is opposed to the NHPC’s Lower Subansiri Hydro Power Project saying its implementation will affect the people, both in downstream in Asom and upstream in Arunachal Pradesh.

Organized by the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti of Asom, the objective of the two-day function is to provide a common platform to the various grassroots political movements in the North-east involving issues like land rights, displacement of people due to dams and seismic survey in Brahmaputra riverbed, and integrate these movements with all India movements on similar issues.

Manmohan takes as RS member

17 Jun 2013 - 2:21pm | AT News
Dr Manmohan Singh and Shantias Kujur took oath as Rajya Sabha member on Monday. Rajya Sabha chairman Dr Hamid Ansari admimistered the duo the oath of office and secrecy at a brief function in parliament. Both they were elected recently in Dispur. Dr Singh took oath as Rajya Sabha member from fifth consecutive terms.