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ULFA(I) reiterates unity mantra in the struggle for independence

The United Liberation Front of Asom(I) reiterates its pledge to get back a sovereign land of historic truth where natural and organic resources will matter. In a joint address to their fellow rebels on Wednesday on the occasion of the Army Day, the outfit's chairman Abhijit Asom and Commander in Chief Paresh Baruah said that they have no place for arrogance. Here is the full text of speech.



Joint Speech by Supreme Commander & Chief of Staff On the Occasion of Army Day 2016

[Translated version of the original statement in Assamese]

Our dear freedom fighters of Assam,

Please accept our hearty congratulations on observance of this very special day.

We are heartened by new recruits joining us negating some unfortunate comments on the relevancy of our organization and the vigor and strength of you all gathered today is the resounding answer to such negations.

Our unwavering commitment to the freedom struggle has touched the hearts of many in Assam, infusing confidence in them proving that the not all the current generation of Assam are born without a spine.

Today we jointly welcome the new comers joining our organization very warmly. Our trained senior cadres have a heavy responsibility in imparting strict discipline, military and political education requisite of a guerilla liberation army to enable us to defend Assam and her interests in the resistance struggle to success. However, it is appreciated that we have limitations in our training programs. It is also recognized that we all have our individualistic pride and sentiments, but, being freedom fighters for our motherland we should be able to overcome these weaknesses by looking at the nature round us viz studying the bees and ants organizational structures, identifying the frailties of human society, to be able to work together as one organism which is essential for the success of our united freedom struggle. Our comrade sons of Assam are bound together in a primordial attachment of indigenous identity. You are not only militarily trained, but also carry the duty of siblings to each other with respect, endearment and to protect each other. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall” is a truth no one can ignore and appreciate that selfishness is ruinous. In the psyche of the organisation selfishness has no place. A true freedom fighter is a totally selfless person. The sorry state of our oppressed motherland should awaken the sense of patriotism in comatose brains of her sons and daughters in our hills and vales to think positively and prepare themselves to be the new generation to shoulder the reviving of the golden Assam of yore.

On 17 April 2015 the formation of the United National Liberation Front of Western South East Asia”[UNLFW] has created ripples amongst the watchers of this region, as, this novel solidarity carries hopes and aspirations of number of Nations in building a future unique to our region. However, how much of this potential is understood by the common citizens of this geography only time will tell; but, we in our organization must maintain it in a manner looking after our physical vital functions pristine, so that, UNLFW is a

fraternal organization through and through and we shall succeed in our mission sticking together in a unbreakable solidarity. However, we must be acutely aware that our adversaries are trying their best to put up barriers on our path to success. Like that famous Labi Siffre song we must be taller than any barrier and overcome all hurdles.

WeSEA is an extremely potential geographical region. Sandwiched between the two giants of Asia and surrounded by three other international borders, the political importance of the region is not insignificant. Having endowed with huge natural resources, with sensitive utilization of these and concurring with globalized economy, we should be able develop an environmentally sensitive organic economies in various sections. I expect that instead of concrete jungles of heavy industrial economy we should be able create a unique region in harmony with nature. I believe it is doable because we are basically children of the nature around us.

Our critics are very likely to term the above vision as a utopian ideal of an idle brain and to turn this ‘dream’ into reality there is a lack of intellects in our region.

You the cadres of United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent), are not salaried professional soldiers that you will remain clueless about statecraft. Similar to walking a distance you have to take the first step, with solid self confidence along with your defensive soldering, you must prepare yourself on other skills to lead Assam to progress and prosperity. Please keep your focus to make the light of hope promised by our previous generations to shine brighter in real time.

Our previous generations talked about a spark to make Assam shine brighter. How successful they were history will be the judge of it.

We the ULFA(I) hold the earth sustaining energy of the sun as our symbolic driving force. As soon as our adversary realized the depth of our commitment, brutal State terror was brought into action. One after the other, lives of many thousands of our youths have been extinguished. They have given their all in protecting their motherland and become martyrs. Today, you are also advancing the freedom struggle keeping their ideals alive.

Our beloved cadres of the ULFA(I), we have been able to have this remembrance day gathering because of all of you keeping your spirits up and our indigenous mass realizing that the life line of the Nation of Assam depends on us all. We carry the soul of Assam and on the responsibilities bestowed our chairs and we sincerely thank each of you and the all our indigenous masses of Assam on this special occasion.

Finally, with best wishes for a smooth and successful observance of the day we salute you all.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Abhizeet Asom Major-General Paresh Asom
Supreme Commander Chief of Staff
United Liberation Force of Asom[Independent] 


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