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Minor raped in Sonapur: 2 held

Escalating protests seem to have failed to help the state stop rape and molestation cases. Yet another rape incident rocked the state on Friday. The victim is a minor girl in Sonapur area in the outskirt of Guwahati.

The duo forcibly took the girl on Friday evening to be raped inside the vehicle and dumped at the roadside in the morning.
Police arrested the culprits hours after the victim’s family members moved police with a complaint. Many local organizations demand exemplary punishment for the culprits. 

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Minor girl rescued

4 Mar 2017 - 9:47pm | Shajid Khan

Locals  rescued a girl child from Tangla railway station on Thursday noon. The 14 year old girl was found loitering in the station.The girl child was later handed over to GRP police on Friday.
The girl hails from Phulandar village under Dhulian PS in Murshidabad  of West Bengal . The distressed girl child is suspected to run-away from home.The girl child was later handed over to ROSS child care home authorities .The local child welfare committee (CWC) will now counsel her and work on sending her back to her family. Police and locals have also contacted Dhulian PS of West Bengal to trace the whereabouts of her family members.  The girl child divulged that her father is one Mohammed Momin.

Centre bans DHD(J)

3 Jul 2009 - 9:28am | editor

he Centre on Friday banned the Dima Halam Daogah (DHD)-Black Widow militant group operating in North Cachar hills district for the last couple for years. The decision to this eefect was taken at a meeting of Cabinet Committee on Security, headed by prime minister Manmohan Singh.

DHD's chief Jewel Garlosa was arrested in Bangalore last month. This ban order comes in the wake of DHD's involvement in several violent incidents in North Cachar Hills district where the group targeted businessmen, railway properties besides government officials.

Guwahti: the city of death

13 Apr 2009 - 7:23am | Ritupallab Saikia

Normal life of Guwahati, the gateway of North-east India, was once again shattered by a powerful blast. It is the sixth blast in the city this year. The Guwahatians were greeted by a blast in the 1st day of the year. Our own elected representatives were failed to take a decisive stand against this madness of terrorism. As the election is near every political party is busy making advantages out of these. Who will ensure the safety of common people? No one knows when the next blast will take away more lives. The role of the ruling government in protecting the life and property of its people is not satisfactory. Some acts of bravery of our police force are like picking up vehicles from no parking place, clearing up the traffic when the convoy of our Chief Minister passes, penalizing the pillion rider for not wearing helmet, etc. But they have failed to prevent one single blast. It is true that it is impossible to check each and every individual but the intelligence wing of our state police atleast should have some leads about such blasts. Now a days when someone leaves his home in the morning, he is not sure whether he will be able to return home safely. The Home Minister of our state who also happens to be our Chief Minister once said that even New York was hit by terror acts. But Mr. Home Minister, after 9/11 the security measures were beefed up to such an extent there is no repetition of 9/11. But in our case after 30/10 blast of Ganeshuri many announcements were made but the situation remains the same. Its an appeal to our elected leadership please take some concrete measures to protect the lives of your electorates.