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BJP: Down in Delhi, up in Assam

After debacle in Delhi, BJP has shown stunning performance in the Assam civic polls hardly a year ahead of the assembly polls.

BJP has swept the civic polls capturing more than 20 town committees and 23 municipal boards. The ruling Congress managed to win seven town committees and 9 municipal boards. In 2009, Congress controlled over 50% of the 74 committees and boards. 

The opposition party in the state now has over 330 councilors while the ruling party has 280.

BJP leaders told Assam Times that people want change and are supporting BJP. Prime minister, Narendra Modi's initiative for Northeast and his visit to region recently has created a sense of assurance and people have seen that BJP is working for development.

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100 years of first Bodo book

3 Dec 2015 - 6:47pm | Hantigiri Narzary

Commemorating the 100 years of Boroni Phisa O' Ayen(Son of the Boros & its Customary Laws), the first printed book in Bodo language, the Bodo Writers' Academy is celebrating the occasion with a two-day long programme on December 19 -20 next here in Kokrajhar.

Rajen Basumatary, vice president of Bodo Writers Academy said the academy is celebrating the 100 years of the first printed book in Bodo language with a year long programmes in various parts of the state since the beginning of 015. As a concluding ceremony, the academy is holding a two days programme at Kokrajhar.  Seminars and discussion of various topic related to Bodo literature will be held during the two days programme.

GMC or Gol Mal Company

16 Dec 2008 - 6:01pm | Daya Nath Singh
Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has been totally failure in providing basic amenities to the citizens of the city. Despite getting sufficient funds from both the Central and state governments, it is not in position to meet the requirements of tax payers, small traders and other business houses, which are the major source of revenue to its coffer. An appeal from a citizen for providing basic amenities is turned down by the authorities on the ground that the GMC has no fund for the same. Instead of providing amenities and developing the sources to benefit the tax payers, GMC proposes to hike the rate of taxes and levies from time to time, on those who already bear the brunt of existing heavy taxes. The recent proposals to hike the property tax and taxes on the traders to the tune of more than five times on the existing rates, are such examples, which have brought resentment among the suffering citizens, who have given a nick name to GMC as ‘Gol Mal Company’,

The reason behind the GMC’s failure is the lack of will power, courage and interest in doing something better to improve the quality of service and standard of the people. Its main concern is to arrange ‘salary and wages’ of its officials and workers till they are in the service. Its various departments have no co-ordination, due to which certain localities do not get supply of water and timely clearance of garbage. Complaints of the residents are not attended properly. The GMC officials do not bother to look after such complaints. A petitioner or complainant has to pay a fee of Rs.25 to the GMC coffer and even after that no response is given by the concerned officials. Verbally they push the matter to a junior staff and relax. The junior staffs on their part have their own problems and complain of the difficulties they face in their office.

In the name of eviction and clearance of encroachments also there is only a ‘show maintained by the GMC’. In the day a few huts are removed from the roadside and by the evening those are reset. There is no proper place to rehabilitate the people so evicted. No place is provided for them. Several people have to sleep and pass nights on the footpaths and during the day time footpaths are covered with a number of mini shops selling vegetables, fish, eggs etc. This practice creates a lot of problems for the pedestrians, who have to walk on the road risking their lives to the accidents. So what, certain employees of GMC collect ‘fines’ from such traders and ‘legalize’ those encroachments. These footpaths are also not safe for pedestrians as most of the sub-standard cemented slabs are turned to be ‘death traps.’

A section of citizens, especially professionals, are left Scot free of any tax burden, The members of certain organizations opposing the hike in taxes had suggested in the past to tax such people also instead of hiking existing taxes, but all in vain, the suggestions were turned down by the officials of the GMC.

On the whole, it is found that the GMC personnel are not practical and professional due to which they do not feel ‘where the shoe pinches’. Moving in cars and visiting the cities like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai or New Delhi for study of their systems, can not solve the problems of Guwahatians. For managing the affairs of Guwahati one has to think and plan on the basis of locally available resources. For the all round development corruption prevailing in the GMC, should be completely eliminated, otherwise it will continue to be the Gol Mal Company, as named by the citizens.

Uneasy calm in Karbi Anglong

21 Mar 2014 - 1:58pm | AT News

Tension is escalating in Karbi Anglong when suspected miscreants from Nagaland unleashed a reign of terror at a village on Friday.

The incident took place when a group armed Naga youths arrived in Dikoi village and started blank firing to terrorize the villagers.

Security forces arrived in the spot. But  by then, they disappeared from the village.

The blank firing took place hours after police arrested seven Naga persons for illegal occupying in the land beyond their territory.