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Consultation on environment and natural resources

Come September 14. Region’s top environmentalists and social scientists will rub shoulders in Guwahati to deliberate on piloting north east initiatives for the protection of environment & natural resources.

Jointly organized by Assam Times and the Coalition on Environment and Natural Resources, the consultation is expected to help the north eastern region create an opportunity to promote a consolidation among the civil society organizations.

The main objective behind this initiative is to outline the challenges of extractive industries, development issues and yawning gaps among the indigenous communities.

The interested civil society organizations, researchers, development workers may contact or call 9401732209 for further information.

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Syed Miraz Ahmed's picture

Writes, edits and researches. In 2013 he was conferred the Rotary International District 3240 Young Achiever Award for his work in the area of environment and digital journalism. In 2006 he was awarded first in the category of Wildlife Photography by the Department of Environment & Forests and Tourism, Government of Assam.

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Heartbreak suicide rise in Udalguri

13 May 2016 - 9:15pm | Shajid Khan

A spate of suicides specially among youths in the last couple of days has sent shockwaves through the district. An alarming 8 cases of suicides during April 30 to May 13 reported in the district. The last two reports are one of 65 year old Bhubaneswar Deka of Teliapara village who allegedly committed suicide at about 2.30 am on Friday and other of a 2nd semester Political science student of Cotton College. The girl a residence of a girl Kaberi Swargiary a resident of Udalguri town who allegedly was found hanging at her home on the evening of Thursday last. The reason behind her extreme step is unknown. After post mortem,her last rites were performed at her home-town. On May 10 last a youth named Sajidul Islam of Udalguri also reportedly committed suicide.

Dr Birubala Rabha conferred UN Brahma award

4 Jul 2015 - 3:48pm | Hantigiri Narzary

Noted social activist and organiser of Mission Birubala Dr Birubala Rabha was conferred the 12th Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award, 2015 at a function held at Commerce College auditorium hall today in Kokrajhar. 

The award has been giving every year in the name of Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma, former president of the All Bodo Students Union ( ABSU) and noted educationist by Upendra Nath Brahma Trust (UNBT) to keep alive of ideology and philosophy among society. 

The award carries a citation, momento, traditional Aronai and cash 50,000. 

Dr. Rabha accepting the award expressed her happiness said that it has encouraged more to work to the social protection among society. She said that she will gain more step to create awareness more on social protection and humanity. 

Among others, noted writer Brajendra Kumar Brahma, sahitya academy awardee Janil Kumar Brahma, Pramod Boro, president of Absu, UG Brahma, ex MP were present on the occasion. 

Slumdog Reality

17 Jan 2009 - 6:52pm | Chinmay Chakravarty
Slumdog Millionaire is yet to be released in India (set for 23rd January) and the controversy is already razing. Its sweep in the Golden Globe Awards including the one for A R Rahman, the first Indian to win one, had set the stage for its grand release. But, thanks to Amitabh Bachahan, the old ancient Indian debate on ‘reality’ has already begun and Slumdog Millionaire is basking in pre-release publicity windfall.

Reality portrayal in a film depends on the subject chosen and reality can be beautiful, stark, ugly, pugnacious, gut-wrenching and revealing in all societies of all countries, not only India, the so called third world developing nation. Nationalists and patriots of India know poverty exists. So why should they be hurt by its portrayal? Or is it that filmmakers will have to take their prior permission in selecting reality subjects and how to show it? You can debate whether the film has portrayed the reality correctly or not, but not on the ‘reality’ of the reality.

And who is the west? Are the people in the west are always thinking of India and that they always hail the coming of its reality packages since the days of Satyajit Ray? People there too are as flesh-n-blood like us, they are too as hungry or as greedy as us and they also appreciate good things and hate bad things like we do. This is our die hard colonial slavish mentality that we still look upon them as superior and decisive human beings.

Once you admit it’s a good film, it’s a good film. The matter ends there. People like good films and so good films become commercial successes. You enjoy it; and do not cry hoarse why or how should it be so good. And film is only a creative interpretation of reality. So, dramatic elements are a must to make it well paced and effective. If it’s good enjoy it and if it’s bad forget it. It does not matter which part of the globe you view it from—east, west, north or south.

Add some more reality. More than sixty percent of Mumbai’s inhabitants live in slums and all of them are not exactly poverty stricken. They are a very active, hard working and happy lot having access to all basic amenities like water, electricity and telephony. A slum hutment or ‘jhopda’ sells for lakhs of rupees in certain areas. They are also the most powerful vote bank in Maharashtra elections. Yes, contrasting pictures exist in slums too—some of slum dwellers do live in extreme and stinking poverty. But these people are the surplus population from the villages where they have no alternative but to die of starvation. So, if you want ‘real’ reality go to the interior villages even in relatively richer state of Maharashtra where hapless farmers still commit suicide for unpaid debts of just 15000/20000 rupees. Even after the implementation of PM Relief Package and loan waiver schemes of both central and state governments.

Any buyers? Oh sorry, any sellers?